06 Methods Pakistanis Can Use To Save Money In Online Shopping

Even though shopping physically is still easy for some people, you will find yourself in more convenience and ease when it comes to doing online shopping. And in case you’re a Pakistani shopaholic, you know that feeling of how great it is to look for something online.Find your fav, give payment in a few clicks, and get the delivery done on your doorstep.

Many online shopping stores in Pakistan like Daraz, Olx, Telemart, Shopon, Yavyo, etc.

These online stores also offer many discounts to attract shoppers to purchase online. One prime example is the annualĀ Daraz sale, where individuals get the most advantage of online shopping.

Today, we’ll share some of the methods through which you can save money in online shopping.

  1. Create A Budget For Online Shopping

If you are a person who is conscious about your budget or are looking to have some savings, you should make a proper budget first. This assists you in dodging the temptations like buy 1 get 1 free, cashback, discounts, etc. Always try to make the budget according to the list of your shopping.

For example, you should list down all the items you’ll buy from Daraz and calculate how much each item costs. Try to make a list of items that can be feasible for every month. Then try to see whether it fits your budget or not.

  1. Always Read The Product Reviews Before PurchasingĀ 

On the website of every online store, each product has many reviews, whether good or bad. If you have no faith in the price of the product, just go through its reviews. There are going to be many reviews that are going to be fake or biased, but there are some genuine ones you can trust as well.

Many websites write reviews articles too. So always keep your needs and budget in mind. Look at whether your co-workers and friends have purchased the same product and how was their experience with it. Reviews might also mark if a product shown is a preliminary version, thereby priced less. Save your money if that’s suitable for you.

  1. Utilize Mobile App To Purchase

Mobile apps like Daraz, Savyour, and Olx are incredibly beneficial for online shopping. Moreover, some other apps like Savyour supplyenormous discounts for shopping. Some eCommerce stores supply special offers and discounts for app users. In the end, a cell phone is much easier and helps the customers to make quick decisions.

Apart from that, mobile apps have many advantages if you have sufficient time to look at the whole website. If you don’t have a laptop or PC all the time, you can just use your smartphone and buy through your app.

  1. Keep The Products In The Shopping Cart

The intelligent technique works amazingly for the products you don’t urgently need. Go through your shopping list and select the items that can wait for a while. When you’ve found out about the product online, just make an account on the website and add that product to your cart.

After this, you have to wait a bit. Typically, online stores have a proper system for inspiring you to finish the purchase.

You may get ads and notifications on your email for that specific product that will be most probably present on other online stores you visited. This is a retargeting strategy. But, my advice to you is to wait and not be a fool trying to make a sight of urgency like only the last stock is left.

Many retailers are supplying good discounts or coupons on products that stay on the shopping cart so they can seal deals as early as possible. So just give it a try!

  1. Look for the Best Cashback Deals

Coupon codes aren’t the only method to become a savvy shopper. There’s also a cashback option. Look for the most effective cashback offers on a merchant’s official website. Don’t worry; simply Google it if you can’t find it.

Many websites, such as Savyour and BOGO, have partnerships with shops. As long as you access the site using those affiliate links, you can earn cashback. You only need to create an account on such sites and look through the many cashback offers they offer.

  1. Use a credit card or a wallet.

If you pay with an e-Wallet or credit card, you’ll get exclusive discounts and offers. If you use a credit card from a different bank, you will receive other types of rewards. You can also collect at least 1% cashback on online purchases made with your credit card.


The following suggestions will take some time to implement. Still, they are excellent ways to save money when shopping online in Pakistan. To get some of the best bargains on online purchases, you should look into these tips and combine them. Also, follow various social media sites to stay updated on the latest discounts, sales, and other information on multiple products.

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