10 affordable ways to make your car look new

10 affordable ways to make your car look new

A lot of people spend a major part of their day in their cars, be it commuting to work, driving the kids to school or just purchasing groceries. No matter how rigorously you use your car, the temptation of owning a new and shiny car never gets out of trend. However, not everyone can afford a new car, but making small upgrades to your old car may help you keep it in a good condition for a longer period of time. Here are some affordable ways to make your car look new:

  1. Cleaning and organizing your car: A deep cleaning once year with good interior and exterior detailing can keep your car look spic and span. You don’t need to purchase costly organization tools, Ziplock bags can handle the storage inside the car. As for the exterior, you don’t need to wax to get a good shine, but going for a good car wash every few weeks may give your car a better look.
  2. Replacement of floor mats: Floor mats usually get ruined fast. If your car has original floor mats and they aren’t regularly cleanable, then you should just take them out and store them for the time of selling your car. You can go for rubber floor mats rather. They will not just make your car floor look good but also avoid the growth of mold in the rainy or snowy season.
  3. Buy new windshield wipers: If you live in Edmonton, you experience real weather. Hence, you would acknowledge the importance of a good windshield wiper set. Clean your blades every week and replace them every few months. If your wipers have become weak, get a new set of wipers.
  4. Buy seat covers: To prevent any future abuse to your set, cover the seats with some basic seat covers.
  5. Repair scratches and dents: You can use hot glue method to suction method to remove dent from your car. Repairing scratches will prevent rusting in the future. 
  6. Get the floor mats and seats shampooed: You can look for coupons and discounts with auto detailing Edmonton shops and get your carpets and seats vacuumed and shampooed. Clean upholstery can make your car look new from the inside.
  7. Upgrade the speakers: The default sound system of your car may be lame but you can improve the sound quality with some simple replacement. Buy new car speakers to make your commuting better and more enjoyable.
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  9. Repaint the exterior: A new paint can make a big difference in the overall look of your vehicle. At a budget-friendly end, you may have to pay $600 for a paint job but it will dramatically improve the look of your car.
  10. Buy new wheels: Older cars feature cheap wheels and with time they deteriorate. With missing hubcaps, your wheels may look bad. Hence, you should buy high performance wheels so give your car a new look.
  11. Clean with professional washing and detailing: Going for auto detailing will certainly make your car look great inside out for far longer. If you don’t have time for detailing, you should go for car washing regularly. Enjoy detailing and car washing services at First Detailing Canada.






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