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10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success

Instagram analytics tools allow you to customize campaigns while gathering audience data. If a campaign fails, you may gain various insights that will help you in the future. However, choosing one option from the dozens of available possibilities may be challenging.

Considering this, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the finest Instagram analytics tools for making the best decision for your company. The following firms are recommended if you want a secure company that offers high-quality service.

1: Brandwatch

10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success

Instagram analytics are part of Brandwatch’s features, but it also has additional capabilities. Brandwatch is one of the largest and most comprehensive solutions for expanding your reach beyond SMM CAPTAIN. In real-time, Brandwatch lets you monitor trends and sentiment on social media and the internet so that you can respond to changes promptly.

This strategy will prevent you from purchasing unnecessary items by offering a free demonstration of Brandwatch’s tool tailored to your business’s requirements. It will save you money by avoiding the purchase of unnecessary products. In other words, Brandwatch is the place to go if you are looking for a fully customizable analytics tool that gives you all the information you may need and makes it easy to use.

2: Keyhole

10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success1

You can add extensive live assistance for a fee, and Keyhole offers a free seven-day trial so that you can evaluate the service before committing.

Using Keyhole, you can do a wide variety of analytics. You receive notifications whenever your brand is referenced on a website, news source, or blog, for example, by monitoring your social media accounts such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Additionally, it provides data that overtly tracks your competition, constructs successful campaigns, and identifies influencers who can reach your target audience.

3: Iconosquare

10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success2

You don’t have to visit several sites to interact with your IG followers UK because Iconosquare makes it easy to manage your social interaction from a single dashboard. In addition to monitoring all your tags and mentions, Iconosquare provides insight into your impact and statistics on your competition. You’re always aware of your position in the market.

It produces your posts, optimizes them for each network, and schedules them on your behalf. It does not offer many extra features, but it is a magnificent Instagram analytics tool. Smaller companies can manage and analyze social media simultaneously, making this solution affordable.

4: Hootsuite

10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success3

Regarding social media management, Hootsuite is one of the most prolific platforms. Using Hootsuite’s features requires extensive training; however, the firm’s Hootsuite Academy offers a curriculum that will teach you how to make the most of its platform.

It allows you to monitor click-through rates, hashtags, competitors, and social engagement, among other metrics, if you sign up for Hootsuite.

5: Sprout Social

10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success4

You will see your Instagram profiles as a network of your data. It provides a comprehensive overview of your metrics by breaking them down unconventionally. With this tool, you can track the success of your marketing teams, evaluate the effectiveness of sponsored boosts vs your regular postings, check link clicks, and monitor social discussions.

6: Amplify

10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success5

A solid online presence can be achieved with amplified AI-powered social media expertise. Besides providing data, amplify also offers suggestions on how to improve and develop it. This solution is designed for companies with at least ten social media accounts, yet it encompasses many platforms all in one place.

Aside from analyzing your audience and what connects with them, amplify will comprehensively analyze your rivals, online trends, and social media presence.

7: Buffer

10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success6

Retail businesses may benefit from this program by enhancing their social media sales and conversion rates. With Buffer, you can evaluate your company’s success on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each report the program generates provides ways to expand your reach, and each report can be customized.

8: Loomly

10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success7

Loomly’s website offers scant information about its capabilities. It is an agile tool that can be used for various purposes. Few publishing tools are as powerful as those provided by this company.

A content library will inspire every post you write, you will have access to team approval tools, so everyone knows what is being worked on, and you can preview how your articles and advertising will appear once they go live.


10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success8

Each Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account is evaluated separately at, but it charges monthly for each account. Discounts are available for orders of 25 or more accounts. The lowest tier provides analytics, while the top tier provides full functionality.

This tier enables you to get performance statistics on a rival of your choice, analytics for your advertisements, clicks, hashtags, and benchmarks for your industry. You can customize and brand exports. In addition to determining the optimal time to publish on Instagram City, offers basic audience analytics and an analysis of your posts. This is a perfect product for those who have one Instagram account.

10: SocialFox

10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success9

The SocialFox price tiers let you select the plan that best suits your company for handling your Instagram campaign. With SocialFox, you can monitor over 25 indicators and configure your procedures to identify the most popular posts during a particular time or the most popular picture filters for each demographic.


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