10 Best Phone Quotes to Honor the Great Invention

10 Best Phone Quotes to Honor the Great Invention

‎Cell phones have gone a long way from their early days, when they were mostly used by elders, and now children are educating grandparents and parents about their technological aspects such as different apps, emails, phone calls, games, online shopping, networking, and so on. Children nowadays have a natural ability to utilize phones without any guidance. But where did it all begin, and who initiated it?

Alexander Graham Bell (the inventor of telephone) made the first successful phone call in history on March 10, 1876‎. Bell spent his late adolescence exploring human speech. Later, while working as a deaf instructor in the United States, he became interested in electronic speech. His mother and wife were both deaf, which may have prompted him to embark on this endeavor.

He intended to create a system that could convey many messages across wires, and as he worked on it, he got increasingly intrigued by the notion of delivering messages in the form of human voices instead. His dedication to his newfound purpose eventually resulted to the development of one of his most renowned innovations, the telephone. Here are the ten best phone quotes to commemorate the great invention. ‎

1. The power of change that mobile technology unleashes is extraordinary. – BorjeEkholm

Let us start with the quote that praises the mobile phone technology. This quote clearly tells us that the mobile technology is getting upgraded day by day. It all started with the telephonesthat lasted for quite some time. Then people came up with mobile phones (keypad phones). At the start of the 21st century smartphones took the whole world by a surprise. Now you can see that there are hundreds of different smartphone brands that offer an amazing level of features to human beings.

2. If nothing is going well, call your grandmother. – Italian Proverb

This is an interesting quote that talks about one of the most beautiful benefit of a phone. In the past when there were no phones, people either have to send letters to their loved ones or they had to cancel their plans to go and visit them in person. Now we all know that how much we miss our grandparents who live far away from us. Because of the availabilityof phones we can talk to them anytime we want.

3. There will come when the man at the telephone will be able to see that distant person to whom he is speaking. -Alexander Graham Bell

This quote comes from the inventor of the telephone himself – Mr. Alexander Graham Bell. He said this thing himself when he had just invented the telephone. He prophesized that the telephone technology will prosper to such an extent that people will be able to see each other’s face while communicating on the phone. His prophecy has turned true in the form of video calls. Today people sitting half the world away from us can talk to us on a video call.

4. Smartphones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever. -Daniel Goleman

It is not wrong to say that the whole world has been narrowed down and put into the smartphones where you can analyses each and every aspect of the world with just your fingertips. All the knowledge of the world that you had no access to in the past, is now just a fingertip away. Students can use this quote to let other people know about the benefits of using a smartphone.

  1. Cell phones keep getting thinner and smarter, people become the opposite.

This is a funny quote but it also talks about the reality of people around us. We can all agree to this that smartphones are getting thinner each day and companies have added a lot of new features to them to make them smarter. On the other hand, most people keep gaining weight because they don’t make out the time to workout. Secondly they keep getting dumber because they are not adopting themselves to the new ways of the world.

6. As long as you have a Cell Phone you’re never alone. – Stanley Victor Paskavich

Now where can you use this quote? Let me give you one scenario. You are alone at your house on a weekend because your family has went to attend someone’s wedding ceremony. There were very limited options for a person when he was alone at his home in the past. But with the advent of smartphones now a person has the whole world with him. He does not need any friends or family to keep him company.Hecan just open his smartphone and enjoy anything he wants. He can watch a movie, listen to music, or even talk to a friend.

7. My cell phone is my best friend. It’s my lifeline to the outside world. – Carrie Underwood

This is another great quote that comes from Carrie Underwood. The words that she has said apply to most of the people around us. Most of the people say this thing a lot of the times that their smartphone is their best friend. This is the thing that connects them to the outside world. For example, I have a brother living abroad for his education. Whenever I miss him I just take out my phone and video-call him and it gives me a lot of relief and happiness.

8. The telephone is a good way to talk to people without having to offer them a drink. – Fran Lebowitz

Life has got so much busier these days that it is difficult for us to make time for other people. In such scenarios your telephones and smartphones are a big help. In the past when people had important stuff to share with you, they used tovisit you in person. But it wasted a lot of your time. What if the same thing happens now? We are so busy in our lives that we don’t have much time to talk to them in person because we have several other important jobs to do. Now you can just talk to them on the phone and save yourself the trouble of offering them something to eat or drink.

‎9. Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge. – Ray Kurzweil

Many people talk negatively about the use of mobile phones and they do not praise the positive impact they have upon us. Mobile phones have given us access to human knowledge which was not possible in the past. No doubt there are also several negative things to talk about smartphones but if we weigh them against the positive outcomes, we will find out that smartphones are peoples’ friends and they help us gain a lot of knowledge in double quick time.

10. I don’t want a door bell. I don’t want anyone ringing my door bell… seems to be intrusive. They can call me on their cell phones. – Malcolm Gladwell

Thisquote perfectly suits the introverts or people who want to be alone. There are many days in a person’s life when he doesn’t want anyone to visit him. He just wants to be left alone. Smartphones help a lot in this case. For example, if you have some serious commitmentsor meetings but you don’t want to be there in person, you can just perform them on your phone. This thing has been tested successfully during the online classes and meetings when the pandemic hit us.So this quote clearly honors the mobile phone technology.


A cell phone is a communication instrument, a need that the world cannot imagine living without. Cell phones have come a long way in the last several decades. And we must all thank Graham Bell for this wonderful invention. Alexander Graham Bell was unquestionably a hard worker. He was a dreamer who wished to alter the world not only through his own efforts, but also by motivating all other inventors throughout the world.

There are around 237 cell phone brands available today. These devices have had a significant impact on our lives throughout the years. Cell phones are more than simply a mode of communication. They have become a crucial element of our life, from determining the date, time, and location to online buying and finding information on any topic on the internet. All of this has been feasible since the arrival of smartphones with applications for performing such activities. All of this is emphasized by the phone quotes we provided you with.






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