10 Common Wig Mistakes

When you buy a wig, you may see yourself as a stunning beauty who constantly attracts admiring glances. However, the time you use the wig goes on, and you feel that something is going wrong, and the unshakable confidence that you expect is still somewhere else. We would like to assure you that this happens, and you can deal with all that mess successfully.

As a rule, expectations differ from reality in three cases. First, you made a mistake when buying a wig. The second is that you are taking care of the wig improperly. And third, you have stopped thinking about your hair almost completely. All these situations are decomposed into 10 errors, which we will discuss in detail. It is not difficult to avoid them, but wearing a wig will be a pleasant and safe thing for you.

A Wig Of The Wrong Size Is The Wrong Purchase

Imagine the situation. After a long search, you finally find the wig of your dreams. Its shade is perfect. The length of its curls is impeccable. Its styling is excellent. And… it’s not your size. Feeling euphoria and being frustrated at the same time, you decide to buy them because you hope that you can cope with them. After all, it’s really perfect!

If you have made such a decision, you may start preparing for a stylish nightmare. A wig of the wrong size will constantly remind you that it is the wrong size, no matter what you do. You will never be able to fit it so that you feel comfortable. Unfortunately, no miracles are likely to occur in this case.

However, you can avoid such stress. If you buy a frontal wig in a store, be sure to try it on and move your head in different ways until you realize that it fits you flawlessly. If you order it online, first measure the circumference of the head and focus on three standard size indicators: Small 21.5”, Medium 22.5”, and “Large 23.5”. If you fall into the gap between the sizes, take the one you are closest to.

Treating Human Hair Wigs as Your Own Hair

In this aspect, we are not even talking about care, although the care of a natural wig differs from that of your own hair and involves the use of special products. We mean all these compositions that help to make stylish and long-lasting hairstyles.

Remember right away: never use hair sprays, gels, foams, and mousses for styling that you use for your own locks! Their formula is not designed for wigs. Those who have neglected this recommendation are dealing with problems such as fat accumulation, tangling, and an unkempt look of the wig. To avoid this, choose special products produced for wigs only and do not experiment with their changes. One of them will be quite enough. Take our word for it.

A lot of glue. Lots of Glue

Glue is necessary for the reliable installation of wigs, and first of all, it concerns frontal and full lace models. Thanks to it, you feel confident, but this does not mean that the more glue you use, the easier it is to wear a wig.

The fact is that any glue for a wig is a composition containing chemical components. Such a cocktail can not be completely safe, either for your own hair and scalp or for the wig itself. If you take too much glue, apply it incorrectly, and remove it contrary to the instructions, later you will have to treat your hair professionally (and perhaps with no luck) and look for a new wig along the way.

The solution is quite simple: do not use too much glue and let your hair rest from time to time. If you are used to a wig, try models that do not require glue – for example, V-part or U-part wigs.

Neglect Of Natural Hair – Neglect Of Yourself

The unpretentiousness and constant perfection of wigs can relax their owners so much that they give up thinking of their own hair. And it’s terrible! Your hair is a gift of nature, and you will stay with them until the end. That is why it is so important to take care of them, even if they are often hidden under a wig.

Do not forget to take off your artificial hairstyle when it is not necessary. Wash your hair regularly. Do not forget about hydration and nutrition. The more often you wear a wig, the more attention your own hair requires. Your interest in wigs may pass, and it is important to think about what you will be left with after all.

Over Plucking Is the Way to an Unnatural Look

By adjusting the hairline by plucking and parting, you can easily avoid problems such as a wig that looks like a helmet and reminds others that this luxurious styling is not your curls. However, do not get carried away with plucking – otherwise, instead of a magnificent wig, you will get a sad sight with heavily thinned locks.

It would be better for you to go on carefully, plucking in sections, and not going over the same area of the wig too often.

Excessive Bleaching Is A Destructive Process

The first thing experienced wig owners do when buying a new model is bleach the knots. Indeed, this is a common practice, thanks to which the similarity of the wig with natural hair becomes almost flawless. However, you should not go too far, otherwise, you will damage the delicate lace base. When starting the procedure for bleaching knots, maintain the exact time and not a second more – and your wig will thank you for its durability and long life.

Cutting off too much lace

Lace front wigs look very natural, and girls love them for the opportunity to enchant everyone with their gorgeous hairstyle. However, even those who wear wigs professionally can make such a mistake as cutting off too much lace. As a result, the wig line is broken, and you feel uncomfortable.

If you are a beginner who has just bought a lace front wig, just turn to someone who does this repeatedly – they will tell you how to fit it correctly. If you are already an experienced fighter, act carefully and consistently. Remember the adage, “Measure twice, cut once.”

Over Styling Of Your Baby Hair

Baby hair styling may look interesting, but it is important to find a balance between it and your wig. This balance usually lies in the fact that the hairline looks natural and the wig is thoroughly adjusted to it. That’s why your baby hair is just the case when you don’t have to do anything special. Just comb them back and hide them under the wig.

Using Heat Too Often

Hot styling is persistent and effective both on natural hair and wigs. However, too much heat is dangerous for your additional styling. We recommend applying curling irons on natural or heat-resistant wigs only and setting low temperatures to prevent any damage. As for the hairdryer, do the same – choose a low temperature and do not overuse hot drying. This will help to avoid the lifeless look of your wig.

Too Frequent Wig Washing

No one would deny the fact that the wig should be kept clean. However, it is important not to overdo it here, since frequent washing can lead to dullness, loss of color, and strands damage. Regarding the regularity of washing, the opinions of experts differ. They usually talk about the range from every 15 to every 30 wears or every 4-6 weeks. It all depends on the use of styling products, as well as your regular presence around some sources of strong odor, including cigarettes.

Besides, don’t forget to wash the wig properly. Be sure to untangle it before washing, apply a special conditioner, and do not comb it wet.

So, now you know about 10 mistakes that can deprive you of the pleasure of using a wig. We hope that we were able to save you from all these slips, but you can always contact us for support and help.


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