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10 Excellent Tips for Designing Content Marketing Strategy

Today, content marketing is no longer an option for businesses but has become a ‘must.’ With online or digital marketing becoming a powerful marketing tool, one’s website must provide more than the bare minimum. By putting in place a great strategy for content marketing in Boston, one’s business can reach potential customers, reply to their queries and transform them into leads.

Following are some top tips for designing one’s content marketing strategy:

Know the Audience

Prior to designing a strategy for content marketing, one must know the nature of one’s audience. This implies more than knowing one’s target demographic. Content marketing is all about creating graphics, blogs, articles, etc. that will engage one’s audience. For this one must know more about customers-What interests them? What problems do they face, and what solutions one can offer? What keywords and phrases will they use to search for answers?

If one has a solid knowledge about one’s audience, it will help in more successful content marketing. A good way to start is by defining buyers’ personas.

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Target the Audience

After identifying who the audience is, it is time to create content targeted at engaging them. From the selection of topics to final proofing and editing content, everything must be done by keeping the audience in mind. From the very start, one should choose topics that potential customers would desire to learn about.

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Do Research on Competition

Since 77% of B2C marketers and 48% of B2B marketers make use of content marketing, there is likely to be much competition out there in the content space to attract customers.

So, take a look at what other top competitors in one’s industry is doing, along with their strategies for content marketing. What formats are they using? What topics are being discussed? What is the response of readers? This is the sleuthing work that can be done by a content marketing agency.

Craft Unique Angles

Though competitors are great sources of topic ideas, one should refrain from publishing content that resembles others. After all, one’s content marketing goal is to offer customers highly useful and unique information and not what is already available online.

When one comes across a good idea, one must resist the tendency to replicate this with minor changes. Instead, take the topic as a starting point and consider ways in which one can craft a unique angle to it. This will prevent replication of online content and offer much more useful matter to one’s audience.

Determine Objectives

What is the objective behind one’s content marketing strategy? Generate leads? Create awareness? Improve retention and loyalty? Note that the aim is not to be good with content marketing. It is rather to be good at business through content marketing.

Measure the Marketing

One’s metrics are dictated by one’s objectives. In case one is aiming to create awareness, do that. Note that if one wants to track something, one must do something trackable.

Set measurable goals for the content like:

  • Boosting site traffic
  • Attracting more first-time visitors
  • Attracting more targeted visitors
  • Generating sign-ups for e-mail lists
  • Gaining shares on social media
  • Boosting conversions on the site

Research Needs of the Audience

What do customers desire from one’s site and one’s company? Use social media and search along with conversations between one’s personnel and customers to better understand customers’ needs. Next, organize such needs by persona and funnel stage for creating a map of vital content. Note that one must not settle for data but gain authentic insights. This needs conversations with customers and not just mining data from spreadsheets.

Create a Plan for Content Execution

One must determine optimal content modalities using customer conversations and buyer personas. How and where does the audience consume information? Note that based on the funnel stage of customers, the latter need various kinds of content. Craft a plan which displays what content one will create yearly/ monthly/ weekly/daily. Proper planning must be done by the content marketing agency in the USA.

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Know One’s Keywords

One must identify keywords using online tools like MOZ and Google Keyword Planner. What does one know about client demographics, and what does it indicate about the kind of content they desire? For this, one must put oneself in the shoes of the target audience. What are the phrases and keywords that they will type on search engines? What is the cause of their itch- what do they desire to know about one’s products? Conduct a thorough review of one’s products and share glowing reviews from bloggers and reviewers.

Top Rank on SERP’s

The goal of SEO is to rank in the first five listings on SERPs. For effective SEO, consider using long-tailed keywords. For instance, if the keyword is ‘sweater’, create content on the basis of keywords like “Pure wool sweaters’ or ‘best-selling sweaters on Amazon’, etc.

Promotion on Social Media

The content one creates must be shareable on social media and discoverable on search engines. Based on the topic and kind of content, one will find more success in one channel than the other. Some social media postings will spread like wildfire.

Select the right social media platform for one’s content. In case one has composed articles that can be shared on social media, it is good to feature them on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. If one has attractive images to post, Pinterest and Instagram are great networks to build a following and attract users.

Narrow your Focus

After choosing topics to write about, one must come up with general and broad topics. But if one is not interested in composing a long post, one must narrow down the topic to specific aspects that one can cover fully. Besides making content creation more manageable, it will make the content more effective.

In sum, these are some of the best tips for creating strategies for content marketing in Boston.






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