10 Fun Activities to Teach Colors to Preschoolers

10 Fun Activities to Teach Colors to Preschoolers

Learning about colors is essential during the preschool years as kids’ ability to recognize colors is recorded as developmental milestones in the use of cognitive capabilities. This involves their ability to point out the color shades using their appropriate name which connects their visual skills with vocabulary developments. If you have been seeking out ways to teach your kids about color, here are 10 awesome activities you should engage your kids’ in. stay calm and read on!

1. Coloring books

Books are an important part of educational tools for preschoolers as it is a wonderful method to teach kids about the use of colors. Coloring books won’t be colorful without kids learning the use of different colors on images or objects. It is one of the simplest ways to teach preschoolers about colors. A coloring book or page will definitely give them room to make the decisions on the best colors to use to make the images look aesthetic.

Coloring or coloring pages can be a wonderful visual tool for teaching kids about the various kinds of colors. They can point out the colors as they read or engage in giving bright colors to the images. More so, you can create your own activities that teach kids about colors and provide fun while at it

2. Finger Painting

Finger painting is one activity that excites kids as they love to mess around with diverse colors and see the outcome on their fingers. It is a useful technique for gaining skills and great activity for sensory play for preschoolers. They can start with learning the primary colors and using them on their fingertips and even use the paints on a piece of color to make some fine crafts.

3. Color Treasure Hunt

Preschoolers will definitely love this activity that doesn’t only teach them the name of colors but gives them the chance to be physically active. It is a hand-on activity that enables kids to hunt for matching colors or carry out the activities based on the instructions laid out. This involves hiding the same or different color objects or items around the school room, house, outside or wherever you desire. The color of the items can be called and the kids can find the items or objects that are hidden. By this, they can easily remember the names of the colors and identify them at any time.

4. Color Day Activities

Yes! Just like we have days dedicated to remembering some activities around the world, you can pick a day set aside for learning about colors. This day can be selected in the classroom or at home for preschoolers to learn about different colors using diverse objects. Aside from this, other colorful activities can be created to enable preschoolers to get intimate with primary colors first before progressing to secondary colors.

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5. Online coloring resources or digital information

This is a digital driven world where some little kids or preschoolers now have access to smartphones, most especially the children tablets that are regulated. Kids love to watch educational videos, listen to interesting songs or rhymes that they can dance to and even games that they can learn about colors. One of the most useful resources is YouTube and there are other online educational tools that enable kids to build color recognition skills. You find more resources on coloring.top.

6. Color Sorting Activities

The ability to sort colors is very essential to building color skills and this isn’t only for the adults but also for preschoolers as well.  It is one of the first activities marked out for kids to learn about colors as it is also useful for numbers activities. Preschoolers have the opportunity to learn, sort and play when engaged in this activity.

They also build their visual perception and critical thinking skills as they have to pay keen attention to getting this activity right. This involves using items or objects such as toys, balls, buttons, pompoms, toy cars and other things you can lay your hands on. Preschoolers can sort those colors according to their names and sort them together.  You can also create a game from this sorting activity.

7. Color Drop

Color drop is a game that excites kids and with the use of colorful pom poms, they can have all the fun they want. A game center can be set up for this cool game and containers attached to a place and tagged the names of each color. Kids can drop those pom poms into the containers which could be tubes, construction papers rolled into strong shapes, cube trays, tins and others. What a fun activity that is to kids as they learn about colors.

8. Color Flashcards activities

This is an activity that will interest preschoolers as they can use color flashcards as an educational tool to know more about colors. These Color flashcards help kids to focus on different colors, reciting the names of the colors as a way of improving their pre-reading skills. Flashcards make use of different shapes, basic counting as well as color recognition patterns. These cards are available to be printed or downloaded, purchased and made as color crafts.

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9. Color Mixing

This is one favorite activity of many preschoolers as they get to mix different colors. Although, this may be a messy activity but if properly guided can become mess-free as they watch the magic take place right before their eyes. First, the color names are taught to them and broken down into their primary and secondary category to aid their color recognition. This activity is fascinating and keeps them learning for hours.

10. Candyland board game

This is a classic game but can help preschoolers learn about colors. It is simple and an effective board game for teaching preschoolers about colors and their diverse uses.  The Candyland game makes use of color cards instead of rolling dice or other items. The game provides a guide for kids to follow while on the board game, teaching them how to count, the best strategy to use and how to match colors  on the board game.






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