10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy

What is a Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy?

We all want to lead a luxurious life with the best of materialistic things, and for this,we don’t mind working long strenuous hours. This leads to increased stress, anxiety and we fall prey to lifestyle diseases

A comprehensive health insurance policy offers extensive coverage related to pre, post, and during hospitalization, it acts like a safety net that protects you from a medical emergencies , unlike basic health insurance plans, it’s just not about paying some portion of hospital mediclaim, read ahead to understand the benefits of having a comprehensive health insurance cover.

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Benefits of Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

When we call a health insurance as a safety net, we expect the net to provide us holistic protection against planned as well as unplanned medical expenses.

Comprehensive health insurance, true to its name, is an all-encompassing policy that covers almost everything, from pre- and post hospitalisation charges, in-patient hospitalisation expenses, day care treatments, emergency ambulance services, out-paitent consultations, critical illness coverage, organ donor expenses.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Comprehensive health Insurance:

1. Cost-effective Way to Invest- Many of us save for rainy days, investing in health insurance is a smart way to channel your savings, after all, health is wealth. You shouldn’t wait to get diagnosed with a disease, and then take health insurance. In fact, getting a health insurance plan at a young age is ideal, because of lower premiums. The premiums that you pay now can help you save thrice or more when you actually fall ill in the future.

2. Covers You and Your Family- Along with protecting your health it’s important to keep your loved ones protected too. So you can choose a family floater comprehensive health insurance, that even covers your dependents like your spouse, children, parents, and even your in-laws by paying an additional premium amount.

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3. To Combat Lifestyle Induced Diseases- Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease,respiratory problems to name a few are on the rise even among youngsters too. These are all prolonged sickness, and require regular health checkups. Opting for comprehensive health insurance can give you peace of mind that you have financial assistance when you need it the most.

4. Tax Benefit- The Income Tax Act has a section 80D, where you can receive a tax benefit for the premium paid for any sort of health insurance that you have for yourself, spouse and children. This gives you a little relief from overall tax liability.

5. Regular Health Checkups- Comprehensive insurance plan covers your check ups once every four to five claim free years. Our current way of living creates a lot of health related problems, and it’s advisable to have our overall health check up done to rule out any underlying conditions.

6. Protect Your Savings- While medical conditions leave you physically and emotionally drained, it can also drain out your savings. With raising inflation in the medical sector, it is very important to have a proper healthcare plan like comprehensive health insurance in place.

7. Current Health Plan Provides Limited Coverage- Well, you may have a health insurance plan in place, but chances are that it may be a basic plan with limited coverage. It’s time that you switch to comprehensive coverage to enjoy better and broader healthcare coverage for holistic protection.

8 Cashless Treatment- The last thing you want to be worried about getting admitted in a hospital is the fact that you have to pay for the charges upfront during the admission. Cashless treatment at the network hospitals can remove this stress.

9 It Bears Entire Treatment Cost- Many a times we hesitate to seek medical assistance even with health insurance in place, because we have to co-pay along with it, which can be a bigger chunk. However, with a comprehensive health insurance plan, your complete treatment cost, from pre to post hospitalization is covered.

10 Expanded Hospital Network- Without an insurance in place, you wouldn’t even dream of getting yourself treated at a big hospital. Comprehensive health insurance connects you to the best hospitals so that you can avail treatment without any second thoughts.

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Here Is an Alternate to Comprehensive Health Insurance

If you think comprehensive health insurance premium is heavy on your pocket, then you can even opt for Arogya Sanjeevani policy designed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) , which offers basic and standard medical coverage for you and your family, extending the coverage between 3 lakh upto maximum of  5 lakhs. Few new age insurers like Digit are also offering higher sum insured options upto 2 crores.

It is one of the most affordable health care policies in the market that one can easily get to keep themselves protected against medical expenses. Almost all health insurance providers offer this plan and you can compare the Arogya health insurance online from different insurance companies, and even conveniently purchase it online with minimal paperwork.

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