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10 Tips for Making Your Home an Exciting Space

Most of us allow our homes to undergo a little wear and tear. We let things slip, and soon the space becomes a little too comfortable, even a tad boring. Renovating our spaces, even a little, can help lift our moods and make home a more exciting space.

For instance, by simply adding skylights Sydney homes will have a huge difference thanks to the abundance of sun in this part of the country. It moves your home from being mundane to extraordinary. How can you apply this and other techniques in your space?

1. Add a Skylight

Adding a skylight is one of those changes that can bring about remarkable results. Light adds interest and warmth to any room. It very often makes the house look more luxurious.

Photo by Alisha Hieb on Unsplash

The mood of the house changes:

  • Think of that dark, dreary passageway being transformed into a vibrant place. It not only helps you to see better, but light enhances the colour and shape of household objects and features.
  • Think of the walls. That blue that you were always disappointed about – a well-lit area will make the colours come alive. 

You can even get a skylight that minimises the heat, leading to a more comfortable environment!

2. Reorganise Your Pictures

Instead of placing your pictures and photos anywhere in the room, simply rearrange everything in one spot. This will have the effect of neatening your sitting room and organising it in one artful gallery-wall. Think how that little change will make your house look more stylish.

What’s more, you could arrange for all your pictures to have matching frames, or at least the same colour. It unites your wall since it carries one theme and makes it easy on the eye. 

3. A Classy Touch With Designer Knobs or Handles

The Print on Demand trend is sweeping the world at the moment, and really allows for individualisation of anything you can imagine. There are new stores these days that offer unique, custom handles for any piece of furniture’s door or drawer. 

You can find them online, in physical shops, or you can design your own. Be creative. You can match the room’s colours or use the doorknobs as highlighted features. 

4. Add Matching Accent Features

This point relates to the one above. There are a vast array of websites and stores out there which sell lamps, tables, chairs, cushions and throws that can either match the doorknob or act as accent features on their own. 

You can buy according to your budget – the Print on Demand shops range from inexpensive to luxury, so take your pick. 

5. Style Your Windows 

Linen curtains, tie-backs, or blinds all add class to a room. You want to choose items that let in as much light as possible while helping you control the amount and direction of light too.

6. Spruce Up Your Fireplace

Renew your hearth. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to getting rid of anything that looks tired or dated. Place a few logs on the floor or buy a few new tools for the fireplace and it will instantly look cosier and more attractive. 

7. A New Front Door Says ‘Welcome’

Getting a modern, secure door in the place where you enter and leave every day will bring encouragement and relief to all household occupants. What’s more, it will make your guests feel welcome. 

There are so many options to choose from nowadays that buying a door could feel overwhelming. Speak to an expert decorator or salesperson about the feel and look you wish to achieve with your door before looking yourself. They’re often trained to help the customer find exactly what they need. 

8. Add Houseplants

Have you ever noticed that plants add not only interest, but a feeling of calm and brightness to a room? Part of that will be the oxygen that they give off, but physically you’ll tend to relax when seeing their green colours. Bringing nature indoors benefits us more than we realise. 

9. Hide the Ugly Spots

A beautifully carved wooden screen adds charm and delight to any space. Hide the ugly spots with these magnificent items. You can also get them from Print On Demand stores, or paint your own. Your creativity can run riot with this one. Just make sure that it stands up well on its own. 

10. Move the Rubbish Bin Up a Notch

Everything in your home should reflect your personality and style, and ought to be something you enjoy. Gone are boring bins – forever! You can get lovely, patterned wastepaper baskets, or you can simply add wallpaper to your bins. 

If you’re not sure, do some online research to find something you like, and copy that idea. 


Reviving your space should be something you love doing, not a chore. Add a few items. Give a touch of paint. Have some construction work done like installing a or find intriguing online designs and launch a DIY project. No matter what you like, you’re certain to find something suited exactly to your tastes. Go on and give it a try—then send us a picture of your changes to inspire others. 

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