10 Tips To ensure Your Article is Accepted on Guest Posting Sites

Follow these ten valuable tips for guest blogging and you will increase the success of published posts by 80%. If you don’t have the time to do manual outreach to bloggers, then contact for guest blogging services and get your blogs published ASAP.

We know the time it takes to get a blog published and it can take at least 100 emails that get you maybe 10 responses and maybe 1 person who is fine with the guest post publishing. That is at least 7 hours of work to get 1 published post. It is very time consuming so we have setup some tips for those who want to do it themselves. Mind you, we don’t recommend it, because without a list and contacts, it becomes very difficult and time consuming.

  1. Establish your guest blogging objectives

Define the measurable outcomes you want to achieve through your guest blog posts. How do these goals align with your overall marketing and business objectives?

  1. Conduct thorough research for guest blogging

Identify blogs that offer optimal opportunities for publishing your posts. Explore different options within your niche and related fields to ensure diversity.

  1. Analyse potential blogs

Examine popular posts, social media shares, and comments on recent articles to understand the preferences of the audience. Consider the topics covered and their relevance to your own subject matter. Look for unique angles that haven’t been explored yet and evaluate the blog’s writing style. Check out the guidelines of the guest post before submitting your article so you can increase the success of publishing.

Ensure that the blog you’re targeting accepts guest posts. Sending a generic form letter with just the blog’s name won’t impress anyone. Take note of submission guidelines, rules, and preferred communication channels.

Avoid common mistakes, such as: Using the wrong name in email correspondence.

  • Leaving an email blank.
  • Crafting a misleading subject line.
  • Attempting to connect with the wrong person.
  1. Stand out in your blog outreach efforts!

Show genuine enthusiasm for the blog by actively engaging with its content and sharing valuable columns with your social media followers. Build relationships with bloggers through various mediums, including real-life events and conferences. Remember, a guest post is not an opportunity for self-promotion.

Demonstrate your expertise and blogging credentials to increase your chances of acceptance. Be prepared for rejections and maintain a professional and persistent approach. Create exceptional content

Strive to present your best work when guest blogging. You are trying to attract a new audience so its important to provide the best guest blog article so you can attract them with future articles.

5. Who is the audience you are writing for?

Familiarize yourself with their marketing persona if available. Engage with the blog by leaving insightful comments. Ensure your writing is free from grammar and spelling errors.

6. Incorporate captivating images!

Use at least one relevant image per section to attract reader attention. While it’s best to limit the number of links to your own blog within the post, you can include images, photographs, and infographics that link back to your blog.

7. Maximize the impact of your guest post

Craft hyperlinks with anchor text to support your branding and social optimization. Include a bio that aligns with the blog’s audience and learn from how others have crafted their bios.

8. Show appreciation for your guest post

Link back to the guest blog on your own website, indicating respect for the platform where your content is being featured. This will also capture the attention of the blog owner.

9. Track your results

You should check the results of your blog post and If appropriate, ask the blog host for insights on how your post performed.

10. Repeat the process

If you found that this process works for you then don’t try to change it. Keep doing it and soon you will have hundreds of backlinks from guest blogs.


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