11×17 Clipboard and Its Useful Features

11×17 clipboard is used for drawing, architecture, made sketching, making posters, and educational work. The surface of this clipboard is flat, you can easily keep the paper on it for writing and other purposes. 11×17 clipboard is lightweight and available in different colors and designs, is made of high-quality plastic material. Some of the clipboards have a small box under them, in which, you can easily keep your papers and pencils, etc.

You can put the paper vertically and horizontally because the grip will be set on both sides. 11×17 clipboard can hold 100+ pages at the same time, is a more durable product because the thickness increased by 3.5 mm.

Double Clip-design of 11×17 Clipboard

The 11×17 clipboard can hold vertically or horizontally, is used for multi-purpose like sketching, engineering design, and designing posters. The rubberized corner maintains its long-lasting life. The double clip design of the 11×17 clipboard is more secure.

11×17 Clipboard is Light Weight and Waterproof

11×17 clipboard is made of high-quality plastic material, which makes it waterproof, moisture-proof, and dustproof. The pages can be tightly fixed on the clipboard, its lightweight provides the facility to carry it easily.

Space-saving clipboard

The hanging hole of the 11×17 clipboard provides the facility of space-saving moving. You can hang the clipboard on the wall and draw images and sketches. When you have to make sketches, then you need a double clip to hold the page tightly. You can read more information on Alibaba Blog.

Storage Box in 11×17 Clipboard

Some of the clipboards have a storage box that is used to keep the stationery, papers, and pens, you can keep all necessary things in the same place and provide you work environment. It supplies the facility of a smooth surface for writing on your job site. This clipboard easily fits in your backpack.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the 11×17 clipboard is widely used in the industry, transportation officers, and social workers according to their needs. It is made of high quality and high toughness PVC material. That can’t be bender and broke easily. It has a portability facility you can easily hold in your hand, is made of recycled aluminum material.

The high-capacity steel clip can hold the papers and ID card tightly. The water-resistant aluminum sheet keeps safe from damage. You can use it for a long time. It is not only water resistance, acid, and alcohol resistant also. These clipboards are very hard because the thickness range is 3.5mm. It’s more stable for office work. The flat surface provides keep the paper on which you can write easily. The contractor also uses this clipboard. Because, they have noted daily their labor data. The 11×17 clipboard is ideal for office accessories.


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