3 benefits of prescription opioid addiction treatment at a drug rehab center

Adopting the right treatment approach to opioid addiction is critical to recovery. This article seeks to provide you with information on the benefits of prescription opioid addiction treatment based on two common approaches used for recovering. Overcoming opioid addiction is a demanding process that is unsafely attempted without professional treatment. If you’re serious about overcoming your addiction, use this information on treatment formats and the three benefits of treatment as motivation to get help. Saint John’s Recovery Place

Medication Assistance Treatments

Given that opioids cause physical dependence, cutting the drugs out completely will trigger intense withdrawal symptoms and discomfort. Thankfully, medications can help minimize withdrawal and reduce urges. Rehab facilities using medicine assistance will include medicines like buprenorphine to dull the withdrawal and cravings of opioid addiction. Buprenorphine is person-specific, so not everyone with opioid addiction is a candidate for the medication. If you are, monitoring is less intense than it is for methadone. Methadone is another medication used for dulling withdrawal, but it requires daily monitoring. In addition to medication assistance, many Lancaster rehab programs also focus on counseling and teaching skills to manage the anxiety and the urge of addiction. As patients gain more resilience, medication dosages decrease until they are no longer needed.

Cold Turkey Approaches at a Drug Rehab Center

Some individuals are fearful that substituting one medication for another will only provide temporary recovery. Knowing that you ultimately need to taper off medication substitutes can cause insecurity, as it is unknown whether or not an individual can stay clean on their own. Going cold turkey and entering into treatment at a drug rehab center like The Edge Treatment is the best option for those who need extra reassurance. In this scenario, the patient is cut off from opioids and is monitored by medical staff at the drug rehab center 24 hours a day. Withdrawal symptoms are at their most intense for the first ten days and will require plenty of rest at the drug rehab center to get well. It is much more painful to detox and recover using this approach, but patients are guaranteed to be drug-free in the end. Cold turkey approaches are not to be completed without medical supervision at a drug rehab center. Withdrawal can cause serious side effects, including an increased risk of suicide. It is important to detox safely. Relying on a drug rehab center is the safest way to go.

Three Benefits of Going Into Treatment

Regardless of the treatment you choose, count on the three benefits:

1) Total detoxification

2) 24-hour support, and,

3) Total success of initial recovery.

Having staff around to monitor your wellbeing will give you the stability to stay focused until withdrawal subsides. It is much easier to relapse if you are not in a medical environment. You are much more likely to detox successfully in a program format and are at a greater risk of danger if you attempt to detox on your own.

When you’re ready, treatment teams are waiting to help you recover from opioid addiction. You can do it.


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