3 best ways to convert YouTube to MP3

3 best ways to convert YouTube to MP3

How to save YouTube MP3 to your computer or mobile phone

If you want to do it quickly, Youtubetomp3.sc is easily the best way to convert YouTube videos to MP3. It will not ask you any questions, the download speed is fast, and you can even start with YouTube videos.

There are three ways to use this website:

Visit the Youtubetomp3.sc  website and paste the URL into the video.

Open Youtubetomp3.sc  and search for videos there.

Watch the video on YouTube and modify the URL, adding the word gen before youtube (for example, https:// www.gen youtube.com/watch?…).

After entering the dMediaHuman YouTube to MP3 converter download page of the video, just select MP3 from the list of options to start downloading the MP3 version of the YouTube video

Depending on the video, Youtubetomp3.sc  also supports some other audio and video formats, including 3GP, WEBM, MP4 and M4A.

For most people, this is just the easiest way to extract audio from YouTube videos.

If you don’t like Youtubetomp3.sc  or it can’t let you get the MP3 of a specific YouTube video, you can try several similar websites-Savetomp3.cc, Ytmp3.cc, Y2mate.com and YouTubeConverter.io are just a few examples.

  • MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 converter

If you want a complete desktop program to extract and convert YouTube videos to MP3, MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter is the best choice for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.

There are several special features, there are no other programs or services in this list, and you can use many very specific options to personalize the program and make it work the way you like.

Support batch download and multi-link import so that you can queue up and download multiple MP3 files at once. Paired with the “Automatically start downloading” option, you will instantly download a large amount of YouTube MP3.

MediaHuman’s YouTube MP3 downloader also supports playlist downloading so that you can get all the videos from the playlist at once and convert each video to a separate MP3. It can even track playlists of new videos and then automatically download MP3s.

This YouTube to MP3 converter also allows you to set up iTunes import so that MP3 is automatically loaded into iTunes, which is perfect if you plan to sync the downloaded MP3 with your iPhone or iPad.

Here are some other noteworthy features: bandwidth control, custom bit rate settings, M4A and OGG output, automatic shutdown option after file download is complete, YouTube login for access to private videos, renaming titles and other information before downloading, and support Download MP3 from other websites such as SoundCloud, Facebook and Vimeo from the following locations.

  • File iPhone App

Downloading music and other audio files directly to the iPhone is not as easy as it is on Android, because the iPhone is not built in a way that allows it to be built this way.

Instead, you have to do two things: use a specific application that supports downloading files, and then use an online YouTube to MP3 converter to download MP3 to your phone.

Install Readdle’s free document application on your phone.

There are other apps, such as documents, that can download files, but we found this app works best, especially if you want to be able to lock your phone and still listen to music (you can’t do this with the iOS YouTube app).

Open the document and click the small browser icon in the bottom corner.

Open Youtubetomp3.sc  (or any other online YouTube video downloader) and find the video you want to download as MP3. If you have copied the direct link via email, SMS, YouTube application, web browser, etc., you can also paste the link into the video.

On the download page of the video, scroll down a bit and select the MP3 option.

When asked, enter the name of the MP3 and then select the folder to save, or use the default value.

If you are not asked to enter the file name when you click to download MP3, please press and hold the button instead, and then select the download link .

Choose Save to download MP3 to iPhone.

You can play MP3 files from any folder selected in step 5. Use the button in the lower left corner of the Documents app to return to the folder and open the MP3.

If you don’t like to use documents, please try to use two very similar iPhone YouTube audio downloader offline files and web browser or files, which allow you to save MP3 files directly to your phone.






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