3 Creative and Effective Ways to Interview Job Candidates 

Job interviewing is an important part of the hiring process and can be done more effectively. By taking the time to really interview each candidate, the interviewer can gain useful insight into the applicant’s knowledge, skills, and experience to decide if they are the right fit for a position. Questions should be tailored to each individual interviewee while also testing their general qualifications. This enables interviewers to compare candidates on meaningful criteria and make decisions based on sufficient data rather than preference or gut feelings.

Interviewing job candidates is a critical part of the hiring process. It’s important to make sure you’re asking the right questions and getting a better understanding of each candidate’s skills and experience. Interview scheduling and planning is far easier with automation and chatbot platform integration. But, how do you make sure your interviews stand out from all the rest? Here are three creative and effective ways to interview job candidates that will help you find the perfect hire. 

Three creative ways to improve your interview process

1. Use Behavioral Interview Questions 

When interviewing job candidates, it’s important to ask questions that highlight their past experiences in order to get an understanding of how they may handle similar situations in your workplace. Behavioral interview questions allow candidates to explain how they’ve previously handled difficult problems or challenging circumstances. This type of questioning helps employers gain insight into a candidate’s real-world problem solving abilities, communication style, capacity for learning, and much more. 

Some examples of behavioral interview questions include:  “Describe a situation where you had to work with a difficult client” or “Tell me about a time when you had to think fast on your feet.”  

2. Ask Unconventional Questions 

Asking unconventional questions can be an effective way of getting to know your potential hires on a more personal level and gain insight into their values and interests outside of work. These types of questions can be fun and can even help break the ice during an interview, while still giving you valuable information about each candidate that can help inform your hiring decision. 

Examples of unconventional questions might include “If money wasn’t a problem, what would be your dream job?” or “What would you do if you could make one change in the world?”.  

3. Allow for Group Interviews 

Group interviews are another great way to evaluate potential candidates by having them interact with other team members in a group setting. It is not a big issue to create a group interview since there are virtual offices for rent at your disposal. Not only does this give potential hires an opportunity to show off their interpersonal skills, but it also allows everyone involved in the interviewing process (interviewers included) to hear different perspectives on each candidate’s qualifications as well as their ability to lead conversations within the group setting.  If conducting group interviews is something that interests you, be sure to come prepared with relevant topics that will spark meaningful conversations among everyone involved! After the interviews it will be fun to make an online brochure of the notes you have taken and send them over to the participants.  


Interviewing job candidates is crucial for making sure you’re finding the best fit for any open position at your company or organization. However, it’s important not just to ask traditional interview questions but also utilize creative methods such as behavioral questioning techniques and group interviews in order to get an even better sense of who each candidate is beyond their professional qualifications. By doing so, employers can ensure they are making well-informed decisions when it comes time for hiring!

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