3 Danga Bay Theme Parks in Johor Bahru Malaysia

3 Danga Bay Theme Parks in Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

Danga Bay is the closest one-stop entertainment and leisure destination between Malaysia and Singapore. Adjacent to the bay, Golden Bay caters for all your needs. There’s Danga City Mall where you can shop for what you need before heading out on a road trip.

In addition, many recreational parks are being built here to add a touch of green to the fast-growing city “Johor Bahru”. If you go to Danga Bay to release the stress of work or life, here is definitely your best choice, there are many theme parks, such as Danga Bay Recreational Park and Danga Bay World Theme Park, you can bring your children playing together.

  1. Danga Bay Recreational Park

Johor Bahru is the closest city to Singapore. However, with more and more tourists, Johor Bahru has also started to develop rapidly, and more and more attractions have been established, which has successfully attracted more tourists into the city.

One of Johor Bahru’s main attractions is Danga Bay, known for its exciting recreational parks. Why is it so famous? This is because Danga Bay is the largest leisure park not far from the Bukit Sarin Palace, the residence of the Sultan of Johor.

Danga Bay offers a variety of family-friendly activities. It is also considered one of the most opulent and luxurious events in Johor Bahru.

Danga Bay Recreational Park is the perfect place to bring your family and kids for a weekend as there are plenty of activities to do such as tram rides, bike and trike rides, skateboards, rally cars and even a playground.

All facilities are well-maintained and well-organized. A favorite with children is the tram ride. Happily sit in the tram and take your kids and your family for a ride along the bay. All you will hear is the laughter of the children, which is sure to brighten your day. Looking for something a little more adventurous?

Take your kids to rally racing! The track is well paved, so you don’t have to worry about potholes where you could hurt yourself during an exciting race.

  1. Danga Bay World Theme Park

At dawn, you’ll find yourself in colorful LED lights along the shores of Danga Bay, especially at the Danga Bay World theme park. The view at night is in stark contrast to the view during the day. In addition, there is another attraction that is only open at night, and that is the Golden Bay World Theme Park.

This is the most suitable mini theme park for children, where you can let your children let themselves go, enjoy their childhood, and release stress in the children’s laughter.

The Golden Bay World Theme Park is actually a part of the Golden Bay Leisure Park. Here you can enjoy panoramic views of the Straits of Johor and the river that separates Malaysia and Singapore.

Instead of paying high entry fees, this theme park charges based on the rides you choose. So you don’t have to worry about adults paying extra to let your kids enjoy the facilities on their own.

There are many rides in this theme park. Includes Baby Baron Airplane, Spinning Teacup, Mini Carousel, Jumping Frog, Balloon Ferris Wheel, Train, Flying Elephant, Funny Flight, Galaxy Loop, Bumper Cars.

All priced up to RM10, you can let your kids choose what they like! The theme park is open from 3pm until midnight, so your kids will have plenty of time to have fun.

  1. Rumah Limas

Every tourist who has been to this Rumah Limas in Danga Bay will look nostalgic. Because this is the only place around the area that can clearly show the unique structure of old traditional houses in Johor.

Your trip to Johor is not complete if you miss this place. Rumah Limas clearly showcases the local cultural and architectural features of nearby cities such as Muar, Batu Pahat, Pontian, Johor Bahru, Segamat, Mersing, Kota Tinggi and Kluang.

The word “Limas” refers to the roof of the building, which is pyramid-shaped, long and wide. For ordinary houses, the roof is very short, no more than 1 meter. This unique replica of a traditional house located in the city center or city has managed to attract the attention of not only locals but also tourists traveling in and out of neighboring Singapore.

Apart from visiting unique cultural attractions representing the states of Johor, you can also dine in these houses as restaurants are being set up in these houses to cater to tourists. These restaurants specialize in traditional Malay food. Popular dishes include Nasi Lemak, Mi Bandung, Mi Rebus, Asam Pedas and many more.

The food is truly made according to traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. Some cafes in Rumah Limas even accept advance reservations and prepare special menus upon request, such as Nasi Beriani and Kuih Muih.

In addition, each house here in Rumah Limas also prepares various activities for tourists, including traditional dances of the old states, entertainment activities with tourists, and even the sale of handmade traditional souvenirs. Want to learn more about the history and culture of Malaysia in the 19th century? Rumah Limas in Danga Bay may be the perfect choice for you!

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