3 Home Organization Tips For A Clutter-Free Life

It is indeed difficult to let go of things in your life that matter, especially those with sentimental value. However, with your home’s limited space, your belongings and items will only accumulate year after year. You’ll eventually realize that the stack of letters you’ve been receiving every week is already piling up. As hard as it is to get rid of them, you’ll have to make more space for what you will buy and receive in the next coming years.

Suppose you’ve finally decided to declutter and organize your house, you can rely on this article to provide you important and practical home organization tips. Having lesser items in your house will make stocking and organizing easier for you. With so many strategies and methods of decluttering, the first crucial step is to finally commit to a clutter-free life.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Apply The ‘Less Is More’ Theory

If you wish to clean your home faster, you’d have to avoid buying many things at the same time. Don’t buy anything unless it is on the shopping list. If you still have some snacks in the fridge, don’t buy more just because they’re on sale.

This will help you save more money and space. While buy-one-get-one or half-off deals may seem tempting, don’t buy them unless needed. This tip will require you to practice self-control and a sense of practicality. ‘Less is more’ means that, if you still have several pieces or amount of a certain item, you don’t have to buy more.

2. Segregate Your Waste Properly

If you want to maintain a clean and healthy environment at home, you can practice proper waste segregation. It would be better to ensure that your wastes are contained in different containers by category. You can maximize this tip by applying the following suggestions:

  • Kitchen waste should be separated into dry and wet containers.
  • Keeping kitchen plastics clean and dry is the best way to dispose of them. Rinse glass or plastic containers to remove food particles and keep them away from insects, bugs, molds, and other bacteria.
  • It would be best if you dispose of wet waste every day and try to get rid of dry trash at least once a week.
  • Have a paper bag ready for throwing sanitary waste.

If you barely have the time to segregate, you can try this and other rubbish removal services to eliminate all the trash in your house effortlessly.

3. Declutter Your Things

As much as you hate the idea, decluttering is more than vital to living a clutter-free life. Getting creative with your decluttering methods is necessary if you struggle to let go of your belongings. Decluttering your home can be a pain, but here are some ideas to help you ease the process:

  • Do It Slowly But Surely

You can set a timer for five minutes. Taking five minutes daily can help you gain momentum when decluttering. This is sufficient time for you to sort things you no longer use and decide whether it’s time to give them up for donation or garbage.

You can also try giving away one item every day. This would eventually total up to 365 things you can rid of in a year, leaving more space and increasing your home’s comfort. Finally, if you’re ready to up your game, you can give away more than just an item daily, and see how this will free up even more space.

  • Find A Place For Storage

More storage space is essential for your belongings. You will need lots of areas for storage like cabinets, boxes, drawers, among others. To make the most of your drawer space, organize them with containers. Be resourceful and create storage and holding solutions for all of the items you still use.

  • Create A List

Creating a checklist for decluttering will go a long way. Visualizing where you should start makes it a lot easier to declutter. It’s inevitable to forget about your old belongings, so making a list to sort them carefully can help.

  • Label Your Decluttering Boxes

This tip will require you to prepare some boxes—about four of them at least. Mark four boxes with the following labels: trash, give away, keep, or move. While you’re decluttering, place each item into one of the boxes. This will help you decide better which things to keep and let go of. Through this, you will also know precisely the number of items you own.


With all the essential tips mentioned in this article, you’ll be well on your way to living a clutter-free life. These are doable things that won’t overwhelm you so you can get started right away.


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