3 Of The Most Eco Friendly Businesses

Now more than ever, we all need to do our part to reduce our environmental footprint. With global warming becoming a recognised issue across the world, doing our bit to protect resources and reduce materials that can harm our planet is vital. For businesses especially, changing processes to enhance their sustainability can go a long way, reducing their impact and encouraging their customers to do the same. From small changes like switching to eco-friendly takeaway packaging to large scale decisions like running purely off solar power, we delve into 3 of the businesses who have gone the extra mile to enhance their business.

  1. Patagonia

Known for their commitment to the environment, Patagonia continues to think of new ways to improve their operations. Their self-imposed ‘earth tax’ commits 1% off their earnings to the environment, working all over the globe to tackle issues ranging from biodiversity loss to climate action. As well as doing their bit in the community, all of their clothing is produced using sustainably sourced materials and 64% of their fabrics are made from recycled materials, using processes that consume minimal energy, water and produce little waste. As an eco-friendly brand, Patagonia ensures that all of their comms promote their sustainable work and encourage customers to join in, doing their bit to contribute. When you purchase from Patagonia, their commitment to the environment means high quality, providing long lasting clothing pieces that withstands the test of time.

  1. IKEA

Being the world’s largest furniture retailer, IKEA is a go-to for many. With a commitment to helping people live sustainably, the brand is continuing to expand their eco-friendly practices on a daily basis. With all cotton produced from farms meeting the Better Cotton standards, most wood being sourced from sustainable foresters and an aim to produce all rugs from sustainable wool and plastics to be fully recycled or renewable, big changes are underway. Within their stores, they have invested into solar panels to run off of sustainable energy and

aim to get an outstanding sustainably rating by 2030.

  1. Leon

Known for offering ‘naturally fast food’ that is kind to the planet, Leon is a firm favourite in the capital. Their menu is brimming with locally sourced and seasonal produce which is sourced responsibly and quality assured. All of the restaurants run off 100% green energy using a combination of wind, solar, hydro and anaerobic digestion, and use LED lighting for further energy efficiency. You may have noticed how their takeaway packaging is also more eco-friendly, with an aim to send no rubbish to landfill sites and give it a new lease of life. The compostable boxes, bags and coffee cups are paired with recyclable cutlery and straws so customers can enjoy convenience without the guilt. To take their commitment to the planet one step further, they carefully adapt their food orders to the weather and day of the week to ensure that there are no leftovers at the end of the day, making each order fresh to prevent food waste.


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