3 Payment Methods that Work on Iranian Game

Playing casinos in Iran comes with difficulties due to the geo-blocks put up by the government. However, all of that can be unlocked if you’re using a premium-quality VPN on your device to bypass geo-restrictions and mask your IP address with a new one. If you’re here looking for the best payment methods that work on Iranian online casinos, then you have probably figured out how to access casinos from within Iran. Don’t worry, here you will find out the three best payment methods that work on Iranian casinos without a hitch. Let’s get to it:

Best Payment Methods for Iranian Casinos

One of the biggest problems that you will encounter after getting access to an Iranian casino is the availability of payment methods. All your enthusiasm can go into vain if you’re not able to transfer money to your account or receive rewards that you have won.

A good Iranian casino or as they call in Farsi, کازینو آنلاین , always offers a wide range of payment methods to ensure your betting experience is as smooth as possible. Despite this, there are always some kind of withdrawal and deposit limits, so make sure to read all terms and conditions before you start using a certain payment method for Iranian casinos or Iranian online casinos.

Here are some payment methods that you can use for Iranian casinos without giving them a second thought. They are easy to use and allow smooth transactions, so you don’t miss out on winning big:

Visa and Mastercard

There’s no surprise that Visa and Mastercard are some of the best payment methods for Iranian casinos. They work all around the world and do not present any technical problems when it comes to paying from Iran as well. Many banks allow international transactions very easily and ensure a safe and secure money transfer experience as well. The payment transactions through Visa and Mastercard take less than one minute and do not charge a lot of fees as well. Before you go and use this option, here are the pros and cons of using bank cards to pay for Iranian casinos:


  • Quick and easy transfers.
  • Good for all sorts of purchases.
  • Chances to get rewards through Mastercard.


  • Mastercard can build credit.
  • Visa has limited funds.
  • Visa card requires a PIN.
  • Mastercard can lead to overspending.

Perfect Money

Perfect Money is another well-known method of sending and receiving money through an exchange. The two largest money exchanges in Iran are and With this method, you can transfer money back and forth; however, you need to create an online account first. Almost all online casinos in Iran accept Perfect Money as a viable payment method, which is why you won’t regret using it as your primary deposit and withdrawal method.


One great thing about Perfect Money is that it accepts Bitcoin as well. You can buy Bitcoin using Perfect Money and even sell it through exchange and get it converted into Iranian Riyal. It’s one of the best banking solutions to pay for Iranian casinos, so make sure to try it out.


  • Uses advanced encryption technology to protect user’s information and transactions.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation, making it easy to use for everyone.
  • Allow users to pay through different payment methods, such as prepaid debit cards, bank wires, and more.


  • Perfect Money is not available in many countries.
  • Does not allow full access to its features and services to users.
  • Difficult verification process for several users.


Last on the list are e-wallets, which are an equally amazing payment method. Digital wallets are amazing when it comes to accessibility, convenience, rewards, and security. Many e-wallets work from everywhere in the world, so you won’t face any trouble using them in Iran as well. Some popular e-wallets that you can use in Iran are EntroPay and Skrill. Here are the pros and cons of e-wallets that might help you make up your mind:


  • Saves time on online purchases.
  • Reduced risk of theft or loss.
  • Bank-like services are available for customers for any queries.


  • Losing access to the e-wallet in case the phone is stolen or damaged.
  • No protection in place for digital wallets in case of fraud.
  • Risk of data interception due to wireless networks.


These are the top three payment methods that you can use to make payments in Iranian casinos. Despite all sorts of geo-restrictions, these methods work pretty well for entertainment and business. They allow you to bet as much as you want without facing any issues related to withdrawals and deposits. Make sure to try them out for an interruption-free betting experience.


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