3 Reasons to Build a Custom Gun

Anyone interested in guns is probably wondering just why they might want to build one instead of going out and buying one that is already premade. That seems to be the going question of the day and so there are several things to consider. Do you actually want a custom gun you can fire or are you looking to build a replica to put on display at your home or office? This is important and why we’re addressing it now. With that in mind, let’s look at just a few of the reasons why you might want to build your very own customized gun.

1. An Enjoyable Hobby

If you are even entertaining the notion of building your own custom gun, then you must also be a hobbyist. It seems as though people who are interested in getting into something like this are also good with their hands. Maybe they are already skilled machinists or maybe they like to build furniture for the home!

Some people who look at building their own guns are also sports hunters and so they’d like to build one to their specifications. At any rate, building your own gun is an enjoyable hobby and one you might want to repeat a few times with the ‘excuse’ that you are trying to ‘get it right.’ If you are concerned with the legality of it, you might start with the fact that building a gun for personal use is legal according to federal regulations. We’ll touch on that again in a moment.

2. Control Over the Design and Quality

If you are already a sports hunter or someone who likes to go to the range for a bit of target shooting, you may want a gun that is designed to your specifications. One thing you should know is that you are in control of the entire build process and can create the perfect custom firearm when you use an 80% lower. These are easily obtained online and so you can fit them to any parts you deem necessary to customize a gun suited to your purposes.

3. It’s Legal!

Ah, here is something many prospective gun owners aren’t aware of! There are two sets of laws to be concerned with, the first being federal laws. Too many times we hear people talking about their 2nd Amendment rights but they fail to realize that the feds have one set of regulations, and each state has their own as well. With that said, always research the gun laws in your state before having anything whatsoever to do with having guns in your home.

While most states allow gun ownership, many may not recognize the difference between hand-made custom guns you’ve designed and built yourself and one you bought from a gun dealer. According to the ATF, as mentioned above, it is perfectly legal on a federal level to build and own your own firearm, but you cannot sell them. Their qualification on that means that these are for personal use only and not for sale to another person.

Why would you want to sell that new baby you just designed and built anyway? It was a labor of love and now it’s all yours and nobody else’s!


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