3 Tips for Building Influence on Social Media

Social media influence is the potential to reach a wider audience through social media. Most people rely on social media to engage with people and establish meaningful connections. Social media has quickly evolved into an essential part of everyday life for most people, so it makes sense that businesses expect their customers to follow them on one or more platforms.

If you’re wondering how to build your brand, this post will show you some valuable tips on how you can enhance your social media presence and gain more engagement on popular networks like Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Pick one social network

When deciding which social network to focus on, think about your objectives. If you’re hoping to build an audience for a product or service, it’s essential that the platform you pick is the one where your target audience spends most of their time.

In case you have an existing following on another network and would like to expand your reach, look into promoting yourself on that network. This lets you spread the word about the other platforms you’re running and allows you to grow an audience from scratch.

Don’t forget to make sure the platform you pick is the right one for your audience. For example, if your prospects are mainly on Facebook and LinkedIn, these should be your first two choices. On the other hand, if they’re primarily in a specific industry like retail or fashion, Instagram may be more valuable than Twitter or Pinterest. In addition, it may be worthwhile to get more views on Tiktok as well, as it can benefit you in terms of organic reach.

  1. Engage with your audience

The most effective way of gaining social media influence lies in building relationships and interacting with your followers. Interacting with your audience enables you to foster trust and make sense of belonging, thereby helping you attract more followers over time.

As you keep producing content for social media, make sure to ask for feedback and start a conversation around it. With the right content strategy a social media platform can serve as a customer engagement channel. Furthermore, you can contribute to content shared with others by asking them a question or inviting them to participate in discussions or questionnaires.

  1. Promote your Content

Your audience is curious about the content you post and how often you do so. In addition, they want to learn about the topics that are valuable to them on social media: industry news, blog posts about any exact industry or niche, videos, etc.

When you share content from other influencers in your industry or niche, focus on providing value with an insightful post or comment that relates to your brand and audience. 


To become influential on social media requires you to be persistent. Also, you need to pick one network and stick with it so that your followers can interact with you effortlessly. 

Take the time to interact with your audience, share their content and promote your work in a manner that won’t appear as spammy or pushy. By pursuing these three tips, you’ll be well on your way to attracting more followers interested in engaging with your content.


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