3 Ways to Show Your Support for the Charity of Your Choice

It always feels good to know that you are doing something for those less fortunate than yourself or for the care of abandoned animals that are still looking for their forever homes. No matter what your charity of choice happens to be, there are ways to show your support while helping to raise sorely needed funds. Here are just three easy ways to show that support.

1. Sponsor a Fundraising Event

Although this may not be the easiest of ways to support the charity of your choice, it happens to be one of the ways to bring in the largest amount of donations. While many schools and churches have bake sales, white elephant booths and other kinds of fundraising events, have you ever heard of engraved bricks?

These are awesome for bringing in large donations and they can be brick pavers or brick tiles for a sponsor wall. If you find the right brick engravers with eco-friendly processes, you will garner more interest because people are set on sustainability. It’s truly amazing just how much money you can bring in with eco-friendly engraved bricks. They can be engraved with the name of the donor or in honor of some deceased loved one, also a key attraction.

2. Volunteer Your Time

Showing support doesn’t always mean that you need to donate in dollars and cents. Sometimes we are limited on the resources we have available, but everyone can find a little time to donate to a charitable cause. It could be volunteering in that charity’s thrift shop, working with troubled teens in a group home, walking dogs at the humane society or anything you can do in just a couple hours a week. All those volunteers help to keep payroll down for charities or nonprofits, and that’s something you can do. It’s a gift from the heart.

3. Shop from Merchants Who Donate a Portion of Profit

While the big online marketplaces often offer to pay a portion of the money you spend on their site to a charity of your choice, a growing number of local businesses are catching up with the trend. Sometimes they run promotions where they partner with a local charity to raise funds. It might be only for specific items, but a growing number of local retailers are recognizing the benefits of partnering with a charity. Not only does it help to raise money for charities, but merchants have also found that it boosts sales as well.

There are so many ways you can support the charities of your choice that there is bound to be some way to help them raise or save money. Whether you are helping them to keep overhead (payroll) low or finding ways to bring much-needed funds into their coffers, you can easily find some way to help those in need. Take a few moments to think about what you’d like to do for someone who has needs, perhaps greater than your own, and you will surely find a cause to be passionate about. This is where your time, talent and resources can be spent.


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