3D models, opening new opportunities

3D printed elements can not only replace common goods, but also enhance or optimize their usefulness. For example, IKEA just came out with a set of accessories for gamers that are created to meet specific needs and tastes.

Miele, a German appliance maker, has also begun a 3D printing experiment. 3D4U includes 10 models of attachments for domestic appliances and more—including vacuum cleaners and kitchen accessories.

Most of the models are Miele vacuum cleaner attachments — precision tips for gathering fine debris or adapters. The tip that accumulates dust during drilling is particularly fascinating.

Miele has also released models for the kitchen, such as coffee packaging clips to keep the product fresher. It is the first company to provide a model collection for its gadgets. The company advises printing elements in FDM. So, would the corporation use the same process to generate more models of pieces and replacement parts?

3D models opening new opportunities1

Sources for downloading 3D models

Many firms have contemplated using 3D printing to manufacture spare components. Electrolux was one of the first manufacturers to propose an “on-demand” spare part production system. The collaboration with Spare Parts 3D, a Singaporean start-up focused on streamlining spare parts manufacture, was intended to reduce storage costs and delivery times. The project is currently in testing mode.

Whirlpool is another popular brand. Making a computerized spare parts catalog for a company allows them to produce “on-demand” replacement parts. Whirlpool experts say that using additive technology to make an element is usually faster than waiting for a part to come from a warehouse.

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