3D Printed Gears: A Complete Guide

Gears are wheels that play a very important role in almost all mechanical assemblies, from clocks to heavy mechanisms. However, this thing started its journey in China. Still, now every single industry is using gears for their tasks now, since it’s an extremely beneficial part, so all sectors are using gears, like I mentioned, from tiny clocks to big machines and almost all industrial uses.

But the technological revolution happened, and all the classic gears transformed into 3D printed gears. Now, 3D-printed gears are way better than classic gears in all aspects. They made the machine livelier than they were ever before. 3D printed gears are way more flexible than the old ones and can be replaced easily, so they are the most preferred choice for use. At the same time, 3D-printed gears are made out of self-lubricant and low friction plastic material, which is why these gears are almost 50 times stronger than classic gears.

3D printed gears are comparatively low wear resistance if you compare them with other parts. However, these 3D-printed gears are also customizable, which is one of the reasons why these have heavy industrial use. One can customize them according to needs, like requirements, weight, transmission ratio, shape, etc. On the other hand, these gears have a longer lifespan and low-friction tooth shape. These can be shipped in 24-72 hours easily.

I already mentioned that gears have a vast use in almost all industries. They use gears to design many objects, which is impossible with old methods. However, when designing, one must always pay extra attention to the process to prevent friction loss during power transmission. The material used to make gears should be considered since they play a vital role in the proper flow of machines. Now, all the old methods that were used for making gears have limited scope now. One of the reasons is they cost a lot. Additionally, it’s also very hard to customize them if one uses the traditional method.

3d gears are beneficial, and it’s a fun process to make them. Now, you can ask me how 3D gears are made so that they can be used for a specific purpose. Well, gears are basically meshing teeth that are used for rotation in the machine. There are many different sizes of gears that are used in machines to alter the torque and speed.

Most Suitable Filaments for 3D Printing Gears for Industrial Use

There are many filaments available that are used to make 3D printers. Some of the most common and best ones are nylon, PLA, ABS, PETG, and many others. These are the most common ones that are used for industrial applications. However, many printers are also available that have a single filament. But, if you want to color, then you have to buy one.

If you want to make 3D-printed gears, then you have to choose the best materials for that. However, if you want to choose the best 3d printed gears, then you have to consider some factors like simplicity of printing, mechanical properties, cost, and quality.


3D Printed Gear A Complete Guide1

I will recommend you all use nylon for 3D printing projects. That is because nylon is a very soft but flexible and strong material. That is easy to print but will last long. At the same time, it has low friction efficiency and high melting temperature. Besides, water can affect this material since it can create problematic results. And it is one of the reasons that people use nylon since it can absorb like a sponge.


3D Printed Gears A Complete Guide2

It is another great and effective material that is highly used for 3d printing. That is because it is low in cost. I mean, one kg of PLA comes only at $20. At the same time, its printing temperature is lower than ABS. It is a flexible material that has a great amount of strength. If you are using ABS, then you should change to PLA since it is better than ABS in all aspects.


3D Printed Gears A Complete Guide3

I admit that this material is quite expensive than PLA and ABS, but this thing is expensive for a reason. With due respect to PLA and ABS, both of them are great, but PETG is way softer and easier to use. At the same time, this material is less scratch resistant and extremely versatile. Its melting point is 80°C. Now, this material has many features, but since it’s expensive, so a handful of industry uses them. You can use it in best 3D slicer.

Top 10 Best 3D Printable Gears

Planetary Reduction System

I know this gear looks quite unique, and we can’t do anything about that. The reason is very simple, which is it has been made that way. Now, I have featured this thing in this article just because it has a cool and amazing design and looks. However, you will be able to create this attractive 3d printed gear easily with the help of 3D printers. Besides its many uses, you will be able to sell this gear if you are running out of funds and make some money since it’s so attractive.

Spool Holder

One of the easiest 3D-printed gears to make would be Spool Holder. It is so easy to make that you will be able to make that at your home without any issue. If you have a 3D printer, then you can use the design and download the file easily and print your own spool holder. However, this gear is customizable as well. You can easily resize the wheels the way you want. Now, you will find a manual guide about how you can make the spool holder at your home.

3D Printed Fidget Spinner

Now, we all at least once had contact with the fidget spinner that is because they are very popular, and a few months ago, almost all kids used to have one. However, you can make your own fidget spinner with the help of planetary gears. That thing can make really attractive 3D gears that you will surely love. Since the fidget spinner has high torque, so you will be able to make and design your own. Well, here’s the catch you can’t completely make a fidget spinner with a 3D printer, but you can make it with 3D printable gears.

Toy Robot Arm

I think the toy robot arm is the coolest thing that you can make with the 3D-printed gear. You will be able to customize and design the robot arm. At the same time, you can use that for many purposes like camera stands or lamps. Now, the best thing that I like the most about 3d printers is that they can print 0.2 mm in a layer of height. But you will definitely need some lubricant to make the toy robot arm.

NEMA 17 GearBox

It is a functional 3D printed gear that is actually used as a tool. At the same time, it is also one of the most beneficial and useful 3D printed gear that can be used as a stepper motor. On the other hand, NEMA 17 GearBox is a remarkable robotic arm that is used for many larger projects. And not to mention that it looks very impressive as well. Its real size is much larger, which is cool.

Mechanical Clock

We all know the clock is an important object and is needed in every house. So, you can now make one easily with the 3d printed gears. What you need to do is to use the design and use your 3D printer and make this 3D printed clock. The most beneficial quality of this gear would be able late for this. However, this printed gear will make your home look classic, and since it’s super easy to make this clock, so you won’t face any trouble while making the gear. You can use PLA material to print this gear, and we all know that PLA is a soft material as well as affordable and durable.


If you want to create a non-functional 3D printed gear, the n this one is perfect for you. That is because you can easily create this one since it’s non-functional. At the same time, this thing is super easy to make and design. Now, this model is most suitable for those who don’t want a functional planetary gear system for any purpose. And it is the simplest 3D printed gear that can be created for personal use and other activities.

Gear Bearing

It is also an easy-to-make 3D printable gear. You can easily create this at your home. At the same time, it is customizable, and you can change its dimensions and adjust things.

Bowden Extruder

One can make this 3D-printed model with the help of planetary gears. That is because that printer is best for high torque. And this model requires high torque. You can also customize this printable gear.

Water Motor

It is a 3D-printed gear that is used for water motors. And one can use this gear for moving the turbine. And then you can make it with a planetary gear system. But make sure to consider that the planetary gear system lacks power. So, fix that issue, and it will be great gear.


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