3d product modeling for business promotion

Companies have to adapt to constantly changing circumstances and ensure that they enter the market with new products on time. Time – to- market is increasingly becoming a critical success factor and predictor of market success. It also seems the most high competition difficult noted to be with your product and business.

Companies have therefore a greater need for speed in the development and launch of new products, packaging, and striking point-of-sale material. But this should not be at the expense of the quality of and the thought behind the concept.

The use of 3d product rendering offers the solution in the rapid development of products and packaging. In addition, it can also be used as a powerful POS material.

The 5 advantages of using 3D product visualisations:

  1. Efficient design and eliminate errors
    With 3D software, the graphic design (2D) can be easily interpreted and converted to the structural form of the packaging, without affecting the graphic design and physical testing. In addition, the software has been developed to such an extent that it makes it possible to simulate printing and finishing operations one-on-one, in the correct sequence. This allows the technical feasibility to be tested quickly in the process and the risk of possible errors to be discovered at an early stage!
  2. Better communication about product
    3D technological e allows getting an ultra-realistic to the reality. Various effects such as embossing can be assessed on a detailed level. Also, because the design can be rotated 360 degrees, you immediately get insight into what the design idea will look like in real life. By sharing the ultra-realistic images with the team or a client, better and faster decisions can be made together because everyone has the same type of information.
  3. Saving costs
    By means of interactive 3d product modeling, costs can be saved on Mock ups and photography costs. Once designed they can be used endlessly. Easily give the product a new look. It’s all possible, real-time, at the touch of a button!
  4. Increase sales through powerful presentation
    Because a 3D visualization gives a very realistic representation of the product or packaging, it can be viewed from all sides and can be put into a look as desired, makes a 3D product visualization a powerful and professional tool. is to present with. Of course, a physical product remains best usable during a sales conversation, but if there is no sample or dummy of the product available or if it becomes too expensive, a visualization of the product in 3D is the best alternative.
  5. Improve product experienceThe quality is high, consistent and product and brand experience can be shared with the consumer at any time and through any medium! Via print, video, but also for online sales via e-commerce. The consumer can see a realistic version of the product in the webshop prior to purchasing. The consumer will experience the same online experience with the product as in a physical supermarket (see, grab, turn) because 3D images can be rotated 360 degrees and can therefore be viewed from all sides.


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