4 Best Low-Code App Development Tools that can take Your Business to the Next Level

In this modern era, both businesses, either small or big, understand the importance of digitizing their work. Low code app development tools help not only in the growth of the company by producing more efficient and better data AI solutions in little time and help to get rid of the tiring hassle. If you are not aware of the best low-code app development tools, this article will help you.

Keep reading this article to identify the 4 best low-code app development tools that can take your business to the next level!

Given below are the four best low-code app development tools:

#1. WaveMaker

WaveMaker is a low-code app development tool and delivers a platform that enables develop enterprise-grade mobile and web apps. According to the broker, the product has almost 11 years of market existence and is utilized by thousands of creators to build apps 67% rapidly.

Basic Features

  • Visual modelling
  • Platform security
  • Drag-and-drop Interfaces
  • Platform user management
  • Platform scalability
  • Reusability
  • 1-Click preview and deployment
  • Web and API Services Integration
  • Open source technology-based development
  • Version Control Integration
  • Ready-to-use themes and templates
  • Authentication and role-based access control
  • Packaging for iOS and Android app stores
  • Extend and customize code
  • Creative deployment – deploy anywhere


  • Availability of more layouts
  • It would be good to have more than the online version

#2. Appian

Appian is one of the most reputable low-code app development tools. It has a collaborative, social, and productivity-driven understanding for business users.

Basic Features

  • Influential reporting alternatives
  • Retaining historical records
  • Improved security handling
  • Reasonable support concerning product problems
  • Capability to incorporate with ML/RPA/AI.
  • Ease of reusability and maintenance of business workflows
  • Ability to connect with multiple systems


  • Not enough report capabilities
  • Not easy to generate beautiful tools
  • Sometimes rigid

#3. Zoho Creator

It is a low-code app development tool that empowers users to create enterprise-class apps that operate on a tablet, mobile, and web.

Basic Features

  • Drag-and-drop Interfaces
  • Visual modelling
  • Reusability
  • Platform safety
  • Platform user management
  • Platform scalability


  • Layout customizations are very restricted
  • A little complicated for integrations with 3rd party software
  • A bit costly when you desire to provide access to multiple users

#4. Mendix

Mendix is an enterprise-grade, low-code app development tool with heavy-duty program tracking,  IT testing, and developer tools to undertake the whole lifecycle of software.

Basic Features

  • Powerful feature set
  • Broad arrangement of user interface (UI) choices and templates
  • A substantial number of integrations
  • Influential mobile functionality
  • Simple to use evaluating power accessible


  • UI can be hard at first
  • Load times could be better
  • The moderately steep learning curve


Finding the best low-code app development tools is not an easy task. Selecting a poor tool will end up wasting your time and money. But, of course, you can choose one of these for you stated above. But if you are searching for the most reliable tool, then you should try WaveMaker to enjoy its productive features for the growth of your businesses. Contact here today.


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