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4 Features of the Top-Rated CBD Oils

In the United States, many CBD products are on the market today. As a THC-free cannabinoid extract of the hemp plant, CBD is seen by enthusiasts as an organic remedy for many ailments. However, ingesting CBD as an edible (such as CBD gummies) may not appeal to everyone, causing other CBD products, like topicals, creams, and CBD oils, to become popular. With that in mind, here we will look at four features of the top-rate CBD oils. Of course, you should always consult a physician before using a new supplement or topical cream, despite the fact that CBD is widely regarded as safe for enthusiasts and patrons. These following steps may help beginners with their own CBD product shopping.

1. Levels of CBD Potency

With top CBD oils, potency is a direct measure of the CBD’s strength. Simply put, the potency and strength of a CBD oil is dependent upon how much cannabidiol hemp extract was used. As with any cannabinoid health supplement, beginners should read the label of a CBD product, selecting a potency on the lower end of the batch. Like other dietary supplements, this is determined by milligrams. A CBD expert at your local CBDistillery can advise on the effects of CBD, mg of CBD (meaning, how much CBD) per bottle, and what constitutes a higher potency or “high dose” of specific potent oils.

Most of the best CBD oils offer many potency or strength levels, catering to customers’ preferences and individual tolerance per dosage. If you’re looking for a top rated CBD oil, the potency levels, amount of CBD, and milligram amount is a good sign of a CBD company’s professionalism. This can guide you towards a good option for other CBD oil products.

2. The CBD Oil’s Hemp Purity

When searching for the best CBD oil, purity of the hemp extract from the cannabis plant itself is another important aspect. Depending upon a brand’s source of grown hemp, the extraction process can determine if other cannabinoids are present within the CBD product. For example, trace amounts of THC (which can have psychoactive effects and affect potential drug tests) may be present within the hemp oil itself. Pure CBD is always a good option, and a safer bet towards the high quality of the CBD extract’s origin.

In addition to THC, trace amounts of other compounds including flavonoids, terpenes, or aromatic essential oils (such as vanilla or citrus) may be present. Depending on the type of CBD, the highest-quality CBD oil brands use only natural flavor sources and are produced from organic hemp. They’ll at least clearly label additives or preservatives on their batch’s packaging. It’s always a good idea to look for this information.

3. Brand Reputation and Rating

With the United States’ CBD industry booming, and so many types of CBD oil on the market today, it’s intimidating to begin your search. Luckily, there are great websites for finding your high-quality CBD oil. You should always do your own research, but learning a CBD brand’s reputation through customer feedback is a good start when looking for the best CBD products. Customers may offer insights on top brands’ health benefits, side effects, claims of pain relief, and supposed success rates for chronic pain. Remember, on a federal level within the U.S., the FDA makes no claims regarding the benefits of CBD as a cure for such medical conditions as chronic pain or muscle inflammation, anxiety disorder, or insomnia. However, reading customer reviews can be an effective way in learning the potential benefits of CBD oil and CBD’s effects (or CBD’s interactions with the human body’s endocannabinoid system) for yourself.

You should read poor customer reviews as well. Top-rated CBD brands never include contaminants, pesticides, or have a dangerous downside or side effects. Reviews will note any such instances. The top-rated, best CBD oils will have the highest reputation for purity and quality. A brand’s reputation also includes their customer service. CBD company contact information for refunds and inquiries on using CBD oil, quality product test results or lab results should be posted on their product page.

4. CBD Product Price and Premiums

Another sign of the best CBD oil brand is price and incentives. Quality CBD products (especially the biggest names) can be costly. However, expensive isn’t necessarily a great option for finding the best product. Customer reviews and CBDistillery reps can help in finding competitive pricing for the best deal and right product to suit your needs. Additionally, a top-rated CBD company may offer discounts for other high-quality CBD products.

For example, free shipping and bundles of CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, or creams may be available. The best part of customer loyalty are samples of the company’s products and flavor options. Gummies in diverse flavors, tinctures, and CBD oils with different potency levels, are sometimes granted to first-time buyers and newcomers.