4 Goals That Can Be Achieved with Witness Prep

Having a credible witness testimony in your case can be a game-changer! It is vital to have a witness who understands the full facts of the case, thereby influencing your case positively- this will assist in closing any gaps that could make the difference between a death sentence and a light sentence.

Witness prep is essential for your case. Here are 4 goals you can expect to achieve:

1)Develop Themes and Anchors for Witnesses

Trials are established upon theories and value principles the trial jury recognizes. Your witness testimony needs to revolve around strong facts and evidence and encapsulate dominant themes and emotions. A compelling trial theme will make the jurors look at facts when delivering their verdict.

Your witness needs to keep referring to these themes and anchors as this is the foundation of the testimony. Therefore, train your witness to stick by the theme throughout the testimony. Ensure that your witness’s theme is captivating and memorable to emphasize the key points of the testimony.

2) Emphasize Strengths and Minimize Weaknesses

To make witness testimony effective, you need to employ strategies and methods that will bring out the best qualities of your witness that will enhance the case’s trajectory while pinning down the weaknesses that could jeopardize the case. It would help if you had a confident and composed witness who would give their testimony objectively and without fear of contradiction.

The defense will not miss the chance to poke holes in a weak witness statement, which could be detrimental to your case. Therefore, train your witness to give the best they possibly can to avoid any mishaps.

3) Educate Witnesses On Available Questioning Techniques

There are a variety of questions the defense attorneys can ask your witness. To avoid a scenario whereby your witness is bombarded with questions, you need to educate your witness and prepare them in anticipation of this- this will avert the confusion and anxiety that a witness may experience when they’re overwhelmed by questions. Remember, the reaction of your witness during questioning will greatly determine their quality of testimony and evidence.

Since the defense can quickly capitalize on any weaknesses by the witness, you need to prepare your witness to answer and react to questions they may find inappropriate and offensive. Your witness needs to master ways to remain calm and composed even when provoked

4) Work On the Witness Dynamics

A witness is an opportunity for you to present evidence that could favor your side in the case; therefore, you cannot afford to waste this precious chance! Prepare your witness on what to say, how their testimony will sound, and overall presentation- this is crucial in eliminating any gaps in the witness testimony that may weaken the case or render the witness evidence inadmissible.

Prepare Your Witness for The Trial!

Your witness offers crucial evidence that could change the direction your case may take during the trial. It is essential to have a witness understand what is expected and act based on that- this calls for witness prep before trial.


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