4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Beanbag

If you don’t have a comfy bean bag at home, you are missing out. In fact, you might be surprised by just how versatile the sacks can be these days, provided that you are looking for the right product. In fact, here are four reasons why everyone needs a beanbag at home.

Beanbags are Ergonomic, Pressure Relievers

It is widely and falsely believed that ergonomic seating equals hard and straight. On the contrary, an ergonomic seat will always:

  • Provide enough cushioning to release pressure from the bony contact points.
  • Provide firm but accommodating back and neck support.
  • Allow for easy position changes.

Ergonomically designed beanbags adhere to all three of the above primary requirements. In fact, no other seat allows for easier position changing than a beanbag, given that they don’t have any restrictive structures.

Giant Beanbags are Better than Your Couch

If you have never seen a giant beanbag in person, you might be surprised by just how good they are as potential couch replacements. Now, there is a chance that you are familiar with the huge 6 – 8 seater sacks, but you also find their pricing too steep.

You are right about that too, because some of the more popular brands are selling their beanbags at exorbitant price these days. However, you don’t need to pay those excessive prices at all. Just check how affordable and user-friendly these giant 8-foot beanbags are, as compared to LoveSac beanbags.

Better than the Couch for Couch Gaming

Bean sacks first evolved beyond their use as throwing sacks and entered the furniture industry as gaming chairs. Due to their very design, even the first generation of beanbags became popular as gaming chairs because:

  • They allowed for free hand and shoulder movements, both of which are essential if you plan to game.
  • The beans relieved pressure better than any chair, allowing gamers to game longer without cramps or numbness.

Fast forward to now and we have beanbags that are several times more comfortable, ergonomic and supportive than their predecessors. In short, if you love gaming on the couch (alone or with friends/family), you will love gaming on a good beanbag even more.

There are No Age Limits to Beanbags

Beanbags are so often associated with gamers, children, teens, and young couples, that it’s easy to mistakenly believe these are not meant for older age groups. In real life, there is no age limit on the beanbag. If anything, the natural pressure relief and ergonomic support provided by beanbags make them better for older individuals than most other seating arrangements.

Unless there is a plausible reason as to why you might not be able to seat comfortably in a beanbag, rest assured that they are just as good for reading the newspaper as they are for playing video games. If you are not sure about bean bags in general, find a seller/manufacturer that provides you with a decent return window. Although you probably won’t be inclined to return a good beanbag, that window will provide you with the assurance you need to try it out for yourself.


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