4 Reasons You Can’t Find the Right House

Are you currently house hunting? Have you been telling yourself that you don’t think you’ll ever find “the one?” If you have, there may be a few reasons that you have overlooked. Before going any further, read the following reasons as to why the perfect house may actually be right in front of your eyes.

Being Unrealistic with Your Budget

You’ve probably been told more than a few times that you can never dream too big. However, when it comes to home buying that statement may not add up for your circumstances. One downfall that a lot of potential home buyers fall into is creating a list of all of their dream home features without considering the price.

Adding more and more wants or needs to your ideal home list causes your budget to increase every time as well. However, you may not have tacked that onto your budget. When looking for a home it’s important to stay within your budgetary means which unfortunately means you will most likely have to settle for a home that is lacking a few of your wants and needs.

Remember, it’s all about compromise in the housing market. While you’d love to have an inground pool with a pool house, having a four-bedroom house is more necessary.

You’re Limiting Your Location

Are you absolutely set on living in the city or five minutes away from work? If so, expect to pay the price. But if you truly want to purchase a home that is more ideal for your family and budget, expanding your geographical location is crucial. You’ll never know what is only 10 miles up the road if you don’t expand your search.

Not Being Competitive

The housing market is tough right now, let’s be honest. Houses are selling at faster rates and higher prices than ever before. If you’re not willing to meet these expectations, then you will most likely strike out more than once on any potential homes.

When you find a home that meets all of your needs, don’t be afraid to go after it! In a competitive market like today’s, time is money. So the faster you put in an offer, the better.


House hunting isn’t easy. You expect to walk into a home and love everything about it. However, that is generally far from the truth. Always go into a potential home with an open mind. Create visions of how you can see your daily life in the space and how you can adjust it to make it your own. As long as it has good bones, a fresh coat of paint or knocking down a wall here or there can make the world of difference.

Find the Right Home

Now that you have a better idea as to why you may have been having trouble finding a home, don’t stop your search now. Continue house hunting but keep these key points in mind. Finding the perfect home may not happen quickly, but in the end all of your hard work and effort will be worth it.

Need ideas on where to look next? Portland houses for sale are selling quickly. So act now and good luck on your house hunting search!


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