4 signs you’re a workaholic and your options

1. Work longer than the allotted time

You continue to work when everyone else has gone home. You work evenings, weekends, and holidays. And you do this because otherwise you feel that you are less productive, and you worry that you haven’t done what you could have done. In fact, this mode of work does not increase your productivity, but reduces it. It also puts your health at risk.

Possible solution. Start writing down how many hours you devote to work using special time tracking software for engineers will greatly improve your results . Develop a plan to gradually reduce the number of hours you work. Start with weekends and holidays: they should be devoted to rest, sports, socializing with friends, etc. Gradually decrease the number of working hours. Be prepared for the fact that you may have a feeling of anxiety and lack of time. How do you cope with negative emotions? This can be achieved with the help of a to-do list clearly delineating how much time you need for a particular task.

2. Never completely disconnect from work

Even in your free time, you are always in touch. Your cell phone can ring at any time and you’ll be on your way to deal with important issues. Your laptop is always at your fingertips for the same reason. You may think it’s how you keep in touch with someone in case of an emergency. But somehow these emergencies happen all the time – and you no longer have time for any activity other than work.

A possible solution. It is necessary to find the strength not to go out at a certain time: late at night or on Sunday, and to devote the free time to pleasant activities for you. Let it be some physical activity outside the home, not watching TV. You will get a boost of energy and energy to work efficiently during the allotted time.

3. You take everything upon yourself

You think you do the best job in the office, so you try to take over everything. This is a dead end. First, you begin to have trouble communicating with your colleagues. Secondly, at some point your body can give a serious failure of work due to fatigue. With such an approach will not achieve promotion. Practice shows that those who know how to connect with the people around them, even with a very average performance at work, succeed.

Possible solution. Start delegating small tasks, gradually moving to more complex ones. Don’t forget about your free time when you take on a new task. Try to communicate more with your colleagues and participate in the social life of your team. Working in a team is often more difficult than working alone. However, it is impossible to exist successfully in a large company without it.

4. Talk about work constantly

You are ready to talk about work with anyone who is willing to listen to you. The worst thing is your loved ones, who don’t get enough attention from you, because all your energy goes to work.

Possible solution. First you need to have a serious discussion with your loved ones about how your work affects your relationship with them. This conversation won’t be easy, but it will be a step in the right direction. You will probably hear that you are not paying attention to them, and they would like to see you more often, go out together more often, etc.

The most important thing you must remember. While you are working hard, life is passing you by. Loved ones are leaving you, your health and character are deteriorating. Try to find a balance between work and your personal life. This is the surest way to happiness.


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