4 Small Kitchen Upgrades That Will Make ur Friends Jealous

With social media infiltrating all aspects of our life, we are getting to be quite the jealous bunch of people, judging each other’s photos and posts on all social media platforms. It has become completely like a competition and while many people will not say it aloud, this is leading to jealousy among groups of people.

One of the main instruments of making someone jealous has become the place of their residence, their home. We all want to impress our friends and families with how well we have done in life, our homes are a significant indicator of that. Our homes are also easily the most important investment that we will make in our lifetime. Therefore, it is important that we pay special attention to how homes are designed- we want it to become the envy of the neighbourhood and we want it to instill deep jealousy among our acquaintances.

Are you jealous of all the Instagram photos you see of the larger kitchens? You may want to read on if you have a small kitchen. We will list five remodelling tips that will really help you “stick it” to your friends who have the larger kitchens.

1. Right from the Counter To The Walls

As you probably have heard a million times by now, one of the best methods of making a small space look larger than it is is to remove all the clutter in the space. This is really a big help when it comes to really opening up the space. When you walk into a kitchen, countertops with cluttered surfaces are responsible for drawing the eyes immediately to it. Owing to the fact that counter-tops are so visible from the level of our eyes, clutter on the countertop is much more noticeable and also visible than other parts of the home. Not only does it look bad, but it also makes the space on the counter mech less efficient to use.

If your kitchen countertops are cluttered with too many things, one thing you can do is relocate all the items on the countertop and hang them on the walls of the kitchen. You can try mounting new shelves just below the cabinets or on walls that are not occupied. You can also use magnetic strips in order to store knives, to hang pots, etc. This is able to accomplish a very important thing, it is able to spread out a lot of the visual weight. This will make your countertops much more functional and will allow you to use your kitchen equipment in a more decorative way.

2. Cabinet space should be used effectively

When you have a small kitchen, you have to make sure that you make use of every inch and make it count. Keeping that in mind, one thing you ought to do is to explore storage in cabinets that will really enable you to make the most out of the space that you have. You can make use of insertable rods in order to use the space under the counters in order to hang brushes or cleaning supplies. You can also use adjustable shelves which can be inserted into any cabinets you have and thus allow you to get twice as much space as you could before. When you have options that are customizable and also cost-effective, it will allow you to get extra storage space without having to sacrifice accessibility to any of the kitchen items that you use.

3. Make your kitchen brighter

We are all more or less familiar with the hyper-trendy type of minimalist look that has really taken all the condos of millennials by an absolute storm. We are talking about the type where people decorate by using only the color white that has splashes of grey. The only color that you will find in these places are in the terrariums which are hanging in glass jars or from planters. Yes, that type of condo. So, let us get into our basic white girl mind set and make use of some of those particular concepts.

Change your over the top and complex designed kitchen for something with a simple white and also a minimalist look. White space is really great when you are trying to simplify a space, as it really has the ability to bring a lot of clarity. It also has the ability to make corners in a room seem as though they have disappeared. It is just a matter of fact that every white surface reflects light and is able to make a room appear lighter and also brighter. A white colored kitchen will be able to create a much more zen type of space. One other advantage of decorating in white is that it is very easy to both dress up using pops of color or also dress down a space with clean and straight lines.

4. Light Large Floor TIles

Very much unlike the rules for fashion, when it comes to design, all lines are welcome. Vertical lines, horizontal ones and the diagonal lines all have their part to play in beautiful interior designs. Vertical lines make the eye focus on how tall the room is, while horizontal lines are able to make it look as though the breadth of the space is larger and that there is more interior volume. Vertical lines can be employed in accent wells or on art pieces whose purpose is to expand the overall feel that the room has. It visually pushes the ceiling to a higher spot and the floors lower.


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