4 Ways to Move Customers Into the Decision Stage

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When the goal is to launch a successful business, one of the most important steps is moving customers from the awareness stage into the decision stage. This means that you have to convince customers to take some type of action, such as purchasing your product or service. 

With every stage of decision-making, from researching and gathering evidence to evaluating options and ultimately deciding, customers need information that is understandable, relevant, and helpful for them to feel confident about their decision. By providing this level of support in each stage of decision-making, buyers can be encouraged to take the leap confidently. So, how do you do this? Here are four strategies that businesses can use to move their customers into the decision stage. 

Four methods to move customers into the decision stage

Utilize Social Proof 

One of the best ways to move customers into the decision stage is by using social proof. This technique involves showing potential customers that other people have purchased and enjoyed your product or service in order to encourage them to do the same. You can use customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies as social proof on your website or in advertising campaigns. These types of reviews will help boost potential customers’ confidence in your product or service and make them more likely to take action. 

Offer Discounts & Deals 

Another great way to move customers into the decision stage is by offering discounts and deals on your products or services. Offering discounts can be an effective way to create urgency for potential customers who may be undecided about making a purchase. Additionally, offering incentives such as free shipping or buy-one-get-one-free specials will make it more appealing for potential customers who are on the fence about buying from you. 

Highlight Benefits & Features 

It’s also important to highlight all of the benefits and features of your product or service. This way, you can highlight for potential customers to see why they should purchase from you instead of a competitor. Make sure that these features are easy for potential customers to find on your website, and clearly explain how each feature will benefit them if they decide to purchase from you instead of a competitor. This should include both tangible benefits (i.e., lower price) as well as intangible benefits (i.e., better customer service).  

Create Urgency & Scarcity 

Creating urgency and scarcity around your product or service can also be an effective way to move potential customers into the decision stage. For example, you could offer limited-time discounts or exclusive offers only available during a certain time period in order to encourage people who may be undecided about making a purchase before they miss out on an opportunity they won’t have again soon (if ever).  


Moving consumers from awareness into action is essential for any business looking for success; after all, without sales, there is no growth! By utilizing social proof, offering discounts and deals, highlighting benefits & features, and creating urgency & scarcity around products/services, business owners can increase their chances of getting potential buyers over the line and closer to making those all-important purchases! With these four tactics in hand, business owners can start moving their consumers forward with confidence!   

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