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5 Amazing advantages of buying a French Chateau


Buying a chateau offers many advantages that anyone would love to have. For example, one of the best benefits is that you’re buying something prestigious. People who own these homes have been wealthy and powerful for centuries! So, if you love French culture, architecture, and history, then buying a chateau must be your dream. You can make this dream a reality and with a short internet search, you can find a French chateau for sale that would fit your criteria. 

  • A French chateau is a great investment

Buying a French Chateau is a smart investment because it can be a great source of income. The beauty and lifestyle that the chateaus offer also helps you to attract more visitors which in turn generates revenue for your business. 

Chateaus can be used for several purposes other than residences including renting it out as bed and breakfast, hosting different events or some other activity that attracts visitors. At one point, there was an increase in the number of people buying land around these castles which led to the development of vineyards. In fact, some regions have been able to attract ‘wine tourism’ from all over Europe due to their flourishing vineyard industry. Not only could you make money by reselling them, but they also serve multiple purposes apart from just being a place you live in. 

  • Chateaus never decrease in value

A chateau is a symbol of prestige, power and beauty. No matter how the market changes around it over time, its value only seems to increase in comparison with other properties.

Chateaus are very rare to find on the property market, which means that demand is always high and they never decrease in value. This is because the French economy has been growing at a steady rate for many years, by about three percent per year as of 2017. In addition to this point, chateaus have always had resale values that can be up to 30% higher than what you originally paid for them. For example, if your original purchase price was $50 million dollars, then you could expect it to sell between $55-$60 million dollars when placed back on the market after renovation costs. The unique architecture and design make them an attractive choice for anyone looking to buy a home. Because of this you can be confident that your investment will only increase in value over time. 

  • Tax benefits of owning a chateau

One of the biggest advantages that owning a chateau in France offers is tax benefits. There are many ways to benefit from this and depending on your own situation you could save yourself thousands of Euros each year when purchasing such an amazing property. The first method would be through depreciation, which allows you to deduct some costs, even if they’re not directly related to something like renovation or taxes (such as mortgage interest). Depreciation works by allowing investors to take larger deductions earlier in the life of their investment than they otherwise would have been able to under normal circumstances. Since French Chateaus often require large expenditures at several points throughout its history for things like renovations and maintenance, it makes them prime candidates for using this type of deduction over time. 

The next big advantage buying a chateau offers is exemption from inheritance taxes. Many people believe this only applies on death but actually all it takes is some form of legal separation for this to apply.

Also, if you rent out your chateau and live in France for more than six months out of the year, any income generated from renting your chateau will be tax free. This is not only a great way to make extra cash but also helps decrease the cost of owning one.

  • They have a history that spans centuries

When you buy a French Chateau, not only are you buying an amazing home that would be the envy of your neighbors and friends, but also centuries of history. From its construction to current day, a chateau has stood as a symbol of power and influence for those who have owned it throughout time. 

Chateaus were built as early as the 11th century and many have survived wars, revolutions, destruction and still stand today. They are filled with history and charm – the walls of castles tell stories about its people throughout time from past owners to famous battles that took place on their grounds. Owning one gives you bragging rights because it’s impressive. There aren’t too many families who can say they own a chateau – In fact there are only 210,000 worldwide! They offer unique architectural features such as towers which make them easy to spot from far away and add up to their historic and magnificent looks. 

  • They’re also environmentally friendly

When you buy a chateau, it not only gives you an amazing place to live and entertain guests in but also a way of saving the planet. Chateaux are often made from wood on the inside in order to give them extra character and warmth, which means that they use less energy when burning fires or using heating systems.

Not only can they be recycled, but also their construction helps preserve ancient forests. The materials used in their construction are recyclable, and they use less water than most modern homes of comparable size. And let’s not forget the fact that many of them are built from stone – a stunning natural resource which has been used to construct for centuries. This is far more sustainable than wood or metal components and house exteriors made from it will last for hundreds of years.

A French Chateau is a unique property that’s not easy to find. They come in all shapes and sizes, which means there’s one out there for everyone – from the grandest châteaux in France with extensive grounds down to smaller properties set in their own gardens or vineyards. Buying a French Chateau could well be an investment like no other, especially when you consider that many are centuries old. They also offer an amazing opportunity if you love animals – many contain stables with horses and other farm animals such as goats or chickens. So, if you’ve ever wondered if buying one is a good idea – now you know it’s a great one!






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