5 Best English to Malayalam Typing Websites and Apps

Having a Malayalam assignment these days does not mean writing with a pen on paper, but digital typing aimed at learning and gaining knowledge. This means that typing in Malayalam is now a necessity and typing fast is a skill. The issue with Malayalam typing becoming mainstream is that it is difficult and tools aiding this can be difficult to find. One would need Malayalam typing keyboards, translation, or transliteration softwares on the internet. If you’re using a Windows desktop or laptop, you might get the on-screen keyboard in your Indic language. But it is a nightmare to use and not at all advisable for typing sentences. It is during these times that a student or anyone would come on google and type ‘English to Malayalam typing’, which brings you to this blog. Here I will help you find the best softwares and tools to complete your jobs.

Android App

Malayalam keyboard app

Bharat AI’s Malayalam keyboard is the highest-rated Malayalam typing app on Android. It allows Malayalam typing, Manglish typing, and English to Malayalam conversion typing. The English to Malayalam transliterates your English words instantly to Malayalam and is highly accurate. Having been made by Malayalis, the Malayalam keyboard app is highly recommended for those who not just want to type fast, but also enjoy casual conversations in Malayalam with family and friends.

The Malayalam keyboard app also has the Speech-to-text feature which you won’t be getting in any of the websites and softwares mentioned. The AI-powered keyboard recognizes your speech and converts it instantly into text. The word suggestions and auto-correct features also make typing flawless. This also makes typing long sentences simple and saves time in typing them.

For those who are looking for cheerful but meaningful conversations with their loved ones, there are many features that will help you have them. Inspirational quotes which encourage those feeling low, hilarious jokes that will lift the spirits of anyone who is sad, and shayaris that that make you float in the ocean of thoughts. All of these are present in the Malayalam keyboard app, ready to be shared with just a click. They are also regularly updated so that the users can get gifts of new words regularly.

Since we are talking about converting English and Malayalam, I might also mention the exclusive features of the Malayalam typing keyboard app. Texts up to 25 characters can be converted into beautiful stickers called Pop-texts. These stickers will be sent immediately in the open chat. Stickers can also be added to Whatsapp favourites by anyone. Along with this, there are hundreds of stickers available in English and Malayalam. These stickers are on movies, greetings and famous Malayalam dialogues. They will make your conversations an electric place.


Easy Malayalam Typing

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This website offers an immediate transliteration of English to Malayalam. You can type with your keypad of keyboard an the website converst it for you. Use of appropriate englsh spellings is necessary as the algorithm would correspondingly convert it into Malayalam. The software has more languages which you can convert into from English.

Smart Web Solutions

The Manglish and English to Malayalam typing is made efficient through this website. It is somewhat similar to the previous one and uses transliteration to achieve the desired results. Auto-correct features is not available on the website. But it is extremely efficient for word or short sentence conversions.

Malayalam India Typing

The Malayalam India Typing website is another good website for English to Malayalam typing. The website immedaitely conversts English to Malayalam when the user gives a space after a word. There are word suggestions that could help in reducing mistakes and improve quality of sentence transliteration.


Varamozhi Malayalam Editor

Manglish is a term often used for the amalgamation of Malayalam, English and its interconversion.  The Varamozhi tool is very good for transliteration on Windows desktop or laptops. The app is simple to use, just type English on the left screen and you will get the transliteration in the right.

Whatever functionalities you might want, one things remains common – Simplicity and pace of typing. All the mentioned softwares and tools use do this task well, but as said before the Malayalam keyboard app is the undisputed leader of this pact. So often and not we neglect how important typing is. It is the pen and paper of the present and will continue to be until we find a much advanced technology. Also what goes unnoticed is the importance of good typing keyboards, which is why Bharat AI is regularly updating its keyboard and makeing it simple to use.


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