5 Days Itinerary of Things to Reveal in Bangkok

Bangkok can be a little tricky spot for tourists, as people believe there is nothing more to visit other than a few shopping malls and temples. The city is only used for its massive airport as a hub to enter Thailand and then deserted for Thailand’s unique beach Islands. We don’t blame them as there is so much negativity about this city on the internet and every visitor loathe it at different forums. The aim of this blog is not only to change their perception about this city but also to reveal some of the best things Bangkok has to offer tourists. So, for this reason, we present a brief 5 days trip itinerary of things to do and places to visit in Bangkok.

Bangkok – City of Angels

To fell in love with Bangkok and discover its true beauty, you need to open yourself up for it. It is not a city that unclutters itself easily. Which is then made an excuse by the tourist for not visiting it and hence spending more time in the jungles and Island resorts. Although you don’t need that much time the way you would like to spend in Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and NYC; it still has 5 days’ worth of spots and tourist attractions. This time can be easily drawn from your vacations and trust me you will never regret spending some of it in City of Angels.

5 Days in Bangkok

Bangkok is basically a city to eat, wander and guzzle. It is unique in offering amazing nightlife which is worth everybody’s while. Getting it is easy. You can book cheap flights to Bangkok from almost anywhere in the world on daily basis. You can also find amazing holiday packages travel deals, and other great offers that can enhance your trip to this city. While you have time on your hand, it will give you a chance to explore major spots as well as several lesser-known ones too. Follow this suggested itinerary and enjoy your time in Bangkok.

Day 1

Start your day 1 by visiting the most unique feature of this city, the Floating Market. You can spend some time shopping this one-of-a-kind market that is literally floating on small boats in the river. There are 2 such markets namely Khlong Lat Mayom and Thaling Chan and you can visit anyone or even both. Lose yourself to the chaos of it and the smell of cooking food. I bet you will not leave this place hungry or empty-handed.

After this unique experience, you can visit another unique place that offers a completely different culture than the Thai. Bangkok has its very own Chinatown for you to explore. I suggest you visit this place after sunset and enjoy your evening with tasty Chinese cuisine under beautiful lights. Although it is one of the busiest parts of the city, it is certainly amazing. Follow it up by visiting shopping malls and watching Muay Thai combat sports before heading back to your hotel. Oh, by the way, use the Siam BTS train at 6 pm to observe a unique cultural thing. It’s a surprise for you and you will have to visit it to see for itself.

Day 2

If day 1 has its fair share of uniqueness, trust me day 2 will bring more of it. You can start your day by going to the Grand Palace, and its adjoining Wat Arun and Wat Pho. It is home to a famous Resting Buddha, Golden Buddha, and massage school. This Palace is used for official state functions. While visiting these places, it is mandatory to wear full clothing out of respect to the local culture.

You can follow this trip with a relaxing ferry ride in the Chao Phraya River. Well, again this ride is unique as you cruise the river in a beautifully made ferry. Day 2 can also be used to tour some nearby temples. Hire a tuk-tuk cab and make the most of the sightseeing.

Day 3

By this time, you are most probably wondering what else Bangkok could offer, well trust me you are just halfway through the trip. Day 3 brings you an opportunity to visit or even attend an event at the Art and Culture Center. This center hosts arts, music, theater, film, design, and much more, in the form of exhibitions.

You can visit the Bangkok Correctional Museum which is present at a location of an old maximum-security prison. This place offers a chilling experience of cruel methods and torture devices that were practiced before. After this frightening yet informative experience, you can visit the National Museum. This museum offers amazing artifacts and the best part is that it is not time-consuming.

Day 4

Day 4 is all about food and nature. When the name of Bangkok comes to your mind, the very last thing about it would be nature; as people think this city offers little natural and more artificial sites. However, that is untrue and we will suggest you make this day to explore the natural side of the City of Angels. You can start with organic food markets to get delicious and healthy organic food. If it is a weekend then you can be lucky as there is a market set up on weekends dealing with organic foods. Don’t miss any chance of going there and enjoying traditional organic food.

Afterward, you can take a walk in Lumpini Park which is Bangkok’s central park. You can find a little wildlife as well as a lake and people playing sports which is quite relaxing. You can also use green spaces in finding calmness in nature after all the traffic hustle you have gone through before. End your day by absorbing the nature of this nicknamed city and prepare for your final day. You can also take this opportunity to experience some of Bangkok’s nightlife afterward.

Day 5

Day 5 will be reserved for some back trekking as we suggest you visit Jim Thompson’s House. Jim was a spy and a silk merchant who is known to have vanished in Malaysia. He lived in Thailand and had built his home in complete Thai style. The place offers a serene view of surrounding gardens and beautiful teak wood. You can also dine in exclusive Thai style and later visit some more temples, museums, and even wakeboarding at Lake Taco. It is always a good choice to keep time in your hand on the last day of your trip and leave a little in advance by checking out early from your hotel.

We hope this brief trip guide and itinerary have shaped your opinion about Bangkok and next time, you will also take few days to visit Bangkok along with the beautiful beaches Thailand has to offer. Save more so that you can see more by getting cheap flights in and out of Bangkok and even domestic travel by planning with us. If You Need More Information Visit f95zone

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