5 Easy Ways to Make Your Close Ones Smile

Who doesn’t love to lead a happy and sorted life? Certainly, all of us want to lead a stress-free life, but problems like familial problems, job pressure, peer pressure, loans, etc., can make one feel stressed. In such cases, your simple acts of kindness can prove to be a great stress buster and bring a smile to someone’s face while helping to relieve their stress. That someone can be anyone- mother, father, brother, sister, relatives, friends, or colleagues.

Take out time from your busy life and indulge in these simple gestures to make your loved ones smile. And what’s even better is that these ideas aren’t much difficult to implement, and nor will they cost heavy on your pockets. So, why wait. Let’s get started right away.

1. Cute Teddy Bear

Think if anyone gives you a teddy bear. Does that make you smile? If yes, why not try the same for others as well. This gesture of yours will be self-explanatory and will immediately explain what you wanted to convey. Get a giant koala stuffed animal and get it packed nicely and send it to your loved ones. If you wish to add a unique touch to your present, you can even get it customized with a message like “Hope this made you smile,” “You should smile today,” etc.

2. Send Hand Written Note

Today is the time of e-communication where WhatsApp messages, emails, and chat messages have taken over. Unfortunately, with social media, the intimacy of letter writing has somewhat disappeared.

But you can go old school and make someone feel a bit better.  Take out a few minutes from your busy routine and carefully craft a beautiful message for your special someone. Pen down all your feelings and write a few good compliments for that person that can also make them feel better. Send it wrapped in an envelope and stamped with love. What’s good about this idea is that your person can see that letter anytime they feel low, not only now but even later.

3. Food

Yes, it is food. Trust us or not, but food and sumptuous meals can play a major role in improving the mood. Fight with your friend or spouse and cook them their favorite meals and see their instant mood change.

Also, if you are a distance away, you can order some of their favorite foods or junks like pizzas, pasta, burger, or something sweet like donuts or waffles if your person has a sweet tooth. Just head over to any feasible food ordering app and get ordering now.

That is not just it as there is another great idea too. If you can’t cook or not willing to order food online, you can take them out for dinner. Take them out for a surprise dinner or brunch and see them smile with your loving gesture.

4. Acknowledge their Kindness

Everyone loves praises and words of appreciation. Many times we do things just to get appreciated. It’s a human tendency to always focus on flaws, mistakes, and shortcomings but hardly appreciate good deeds and acts. But always remember that a little acknowledgment of someone can go a really long way and even strengthen your bond with that person.

Gift them some flowers, chocolates, or stuffed toys and thank them for being there for you in every thick and thin. You can even send messages along with that like “I feel lucky to have you in my life”, “You have the biggest heart”,” I love you,” or something more personal as per choice.

5. Happiness Mug

Everyone has a favorite mug of their own. That mug could be one in which they enjoy their first sip of morning coffee or evening teas. If your person isn’t a tea or coffee person, they must like drinking health drinks or juices.

Make them smile by giving a new happy mug with some smiley images. You can customize it with a quote, an image of that person, or the photo of you two on it. And remember that mugs are never enough for anyone; the more, the better. Order yours today and make your favorite person smile.

Final Words

These were just a few of several ideas where you can get your loved ones a big stuffed elephant teddy, cook them meals, gift a customized cup, and indulge in doing several other things. Your little efforts can make someone smile, so why wait?

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