5 Eco-Friendly Activity Solutions For The Whole Family

One of the inevitable challenges a family faces together is boredom! To add to the complication of finding something that’s actually fun for the whole family, it seems like it’s twice as hard to come up with activities that are good for your family as well as the planet.

We know it’s hard, so we want to help you come up with a few ideas. In this article, we’re going to present you with 5 activity solutions for you and your family that are intended to cure boredom and nature.

Family Picnics

Few things help us to appreciate nature like being together and enjoying good food amidst the sounds of birds chirping or water running across stones and the sun breaking through leaves to make them glow green.

Imagine breathing in the fresh air and being surrounded by such beauty is so invigorating that you and your children won’t be able to stop yourselves from running around, playing tag, or playing catch.

The best part is you don’t even have to use a car to get to your picnic site! If your family uses electric bikes such as our Nakto Camel Women Cruiser or the Ecotrik Vortex Cruiser with a handlebar insulated bag, everyone can carry a portion of the picnic like the blanket, sandwiches, thermos, etc.

As everyone rides to the site you’re all burning energy, you’re going to get hungry by the time you reach the picnic area, the kids play and explore while you’re setting up lunch, everyone eats, and then everyone can go for a walk before riding back home.

Trail Riding

Never underestimate the joys and experiences of trail riding! Electric bikes are particularly great for trail riding because kids and older relatives have no trouble keeping up thanks to the electric boost.

Depending on the difficulty of the trails you choose, you can get away with thinner bikes like the EWheels EW-Rugged Mountain Bike, or you might need a fat-tire duel-suspension beast like the Aostirmotor Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike.

Outdoor Competitions

Backyards and parks are blank canvases full of potential if you know how to use them. What better way to release pent-up energy than the healthy competition? You could even get your neighbors and their kids in on this one. Competition activities could include,

  1. Bike racing around the block
  2. An outdoor scavenger hunt
  3. Plogging


Mark out the route the racers will take and determine how long a fair race should be, whether it’s a certain distance or a certain amount of laps.

For block riding, we recommend using commuter bikes like the Revi Cheetah Cafe Racer or beach cruisers like the Nakto Santa Monica. Comfortable, stylish, and just a thrilling riding experience, these bikes are the perfect options for adventure. Still, they should only be raced against other electric bikes, otherwise, your competition is left at a severe disadvantage.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

This can be done around a park, or better yet, at strategic points around your neighborhood, especially if neighbors are in on it with you. There’s just something naturally exciting about putting together clues and making progress toward a big reward.

Naturally, you’ll want a lightweight neighborhood cruiser like the American Electric Veller to get you from clue to clue. You won’t need a hefty mountain bike since a good way of wearing out your e-bikes is to use them for reasons they weren’t really made for.


If you’re unfamiliar, “plogging” originates from Scandanavia and is the combination of the words “plocka,” meaning ‘pick’ and “jogging.” The whole activity is to jog while picking up trash on your route.

According to the physiologist and director of Optimal Health Exercise Physiology in Melbourne, Yujin Lim, plogging is an even better exercise routine because it has a stronger motivation behind it. The stronger your motivation is to exercise, the easier it becomes to do and make a habit of.

Not only that, but the Washington Post learned through Lifesum that plogging burns more calories than jogging alone in half an hour; 288 vs 235.

This is the perfect fall and winter family activity. You’ll have no trouble staying warm this way. Then, you can all head back home for some well-deserved hot cocoa or cider!

Exploring Town

Next, we suggest taking a day with your family to bike around town to explore shops you’ve never tried before, get something fun or nice for yourselves, and eat out. The perfect excuse to revisit our first suggestion of a family picnic. Make a whole adventure out of it!

Just like before, you’ll need bikes with baskets, bags, or bring lightweight backpacks in order to hold the picnic supplies and the things everyone buys on their trip.

Litter Collection

This last activity is for the hard-core families who want the ultimate eco-friendly activity. I won’t lie, your kids won’t really think this is especially fun, but if they are older – tween to teen – they can get great satisfaction seeing the transformation of nature being cleaned up of all bottles, cans, and other garbage.

This is also one of the more dangerous activities and should not be done by really young children because of the possibility of coming across harmful objects like needles or rusted metal. In addition, most garbage can be found just off to the side of busy roads, so watch your children closely if you really want them to experience the gratifying effects of cleaning up the environment.

Keep in mind that the side of the road isn’t the only place you can find garbage, unfortunately. Your family can also go to camping sites, common hiking trails, parks, etc.


One of the greatest benefits of these outdoor activities, aside from being green, is that these activities don’t cost you much if anything at all. All of these benefits together are priceless if it means you get to make meaningful memories with your family before busy lives prevent your kids from being able to take that kind of time with you. What are you waiting for? Get to planning!

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