5 Essential Wedding Makeup Tips

Every bride wants to do her best on her big day, there is no doubt about that. After working in the industry, I put together a lot of tips and tricks and wanted to share with my top five that every bride knows about her wedding makeup. Most are specific to how the makeup is photographed.

1. Do not use translucent powder.

 Many of you probably know and will love Makeup Forever HD Powder. I love it myself – it airbrushes and makes pores disappear. But do you save yourself the fact that HD powder (or similar powder) in the photos will give your face a dusty white tone? As if you were putting flour on it.

This is bad news for our people. Although this powder was probably undetectable, high definition photography captured a trail and made it visible to the world. You can expect similar results on your wedding photos IF YOU use too much setting / translucent powder. I recommend using a primer beforehand rather than a powder afterwards. you may also use makeup remover cloth.

2. Use products that will hold your makeup all day.

 You cry, laugh, sweat and everything on your wedding day, and your makeup needs to be up to the challenge. You need great primers and water-repellent mascaras (if you’re the scream guy) so you don’t look like a shiny raccoon at the end of the night. Make sure it sticks and make sure it only comes off when you want it to!

3. Don’t overdo it with the mirror and glitter.

Glitter and glitter makeup can be fun in real life, but wedding photography will likely make you shine. No bride wants to look fat on her wedding day! Stick to products that shine from the inside out and have little to no shine. And remember, nothing will make your skin brighter than taking care of it!

4. Emphasize one characteristic at a time.

Just because you’re wearing more makeup than usual on your wedding day doesn’t mean we want to let YOU know about it. Every good makeup artist knows that like in real life, you only want to play one feature film at a time. If you want to use bold red lips, choose a neutral eye. If you want smoky eyes, go for a natural lip. You don’t want to look the same in your photos. Just because it’s your wedding doesn’t mean you have to pile it all up!

5. Have an emergency makeup bag ready.

You will need the oily wipes, makeup remover wipes, cotton swabs, lipstick or lip gloss, powder (but not translucent!) And concealer. This is a fun project your bridesmaid (s) can put together, so let them help you if they want! You will also need other items (safety pins, floss, bandages, etc.) to throw away.

Alor is now ready for your big day. With these tips in your back pocket, YOU can enjoy marital happiness without having to worry about your make-up!

Really Good Weddings are photographers that know all about this.


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