5 Facts About How Hair Restoration Actually Works 

Our hair is a huge part of our identity. So it is no wonder that when we start to lose our hair, we want to look for ways to restore it.

But getting a hair restoration procedure can feel daunting to many. It is a big decision to make and you want to make sure that you are getting the medical treatment from the best professionals in the business. This means that the cheapest and fastest method is not always the best.

You will want to go through a trusted physician with proven results. Luckily, thanks to procedures such as Dr. Pak hair restoration you can get extraordinary results in addition to great patient care and recovery support!

So if you are at the point where you want to get a hair restoration procedure done, then you will need to understand all the steps that are involved and what will actually happen. But not to worry, as we are going to lay it out for you in five easy facts for you to know.

1. Often it won’t be your only surgery

While there are incredible results from hair restoration, it is not a one-and-done deal for many. In fact, because your hair loss is a naturally progressing condition, you will likely need to get multiple procedures done in your lifetime. Most people end up having to get around at least two done, but it really does come down to personal factors.

2. You can avoid scars

If you get a FUE procedure done for your hair restoration, you likely won’t have to deal with scars. This is because microscopic incisions are made and very rarely will the result end up with a scar. Many patients will get small scabs over the areas of the scalp that were operated on, but these will usually heal within a week.

3. Only your hair can be used

With many other surgeries, often another person can act as a donor. But when getting a hair restoration procedure, only you can be your hair donor. This is because your hair follicles don’t regenerate and another person’s follicles won’t be able to grow on your own scalp. Often, the hair will be taken from another part of your body. So make sure you do take great care of the hair you do have left!

4. The recovery process

takes time

Getting a hair restoration procedure isn’t major surgery, but it is enough to take more than a day to fully heal. Just like any other transplant procedure, you will need to ease your way back into your daily routine. There may be some side effects like swelling, so sleep and staying hydrated are equally important in the post-procedure steps.

5. Expect the hair to fall out

Don’t worry if you wake up and all of a sudden your hair starts falling out. This is actually a very important part to the process. In fact, it is a great sign that your scalp is healing from the procedure. After the hair falls out post-procedure, you can expect the next round of hair to start growing in around three or so months. So be patient during this time and don’t fret!

Getting a hair replacement procedure is a liberating decision that allows you to take control of your hair once again. While everyone experiences hair replacement a bit differently, these five facts are pretty mainstream for most patients. From not having to worry about scarring to having your own hair being used as the transplant, you will be prepared to handle the pre and post-steps to this life-changing decision! And soon, you will be getting to enjoy a full head of hair once again.


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