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5 Great Ways to Maximize Empty Corners in Your Big Home

Do you own a big house? Or perhaps there are one or more corners in your home that look too empty. If so, you might be thinking these deserve some creative repurposing or a few embellishments. Minimalism can offer an edgy feel to any home, though you will certainly find it obvious if a spot feels and looks too bare. The good news is, you can mix things up by maximizing these empty corners with decorations and furniture to make them more lively.

That being said, in this post, we will be going over five things you can try to revamp your spacious home–or any corner that needs a little facelift! These ideas include getting a day bed with trundle, installing a mini-bar, and some tips for keeping a houseplant. If you feel that you’re in this kind of situation, then you’re in the right place! Ready to get started? Let’s begin!

1. Get a Stylish Day bed

If you haven’t heard of day beds before, this furniture looks pretty much like sofas. They are extremely comfy for lounging or perhaps, watching TV. But they are big enough to cradle you when sleeping. Day beds are perfect for enjoying long afternoon naps or when you want to doze off completely on a lazy weekend.

During the summer, you may like to get one if you have a spacious porch. Having one will make you appreciate the fresh air while reading your favorite book or sipping on some iced tea! Besides exuding style and providing comfort, some day beds also offer extra functions like storage. It could be an excellent choice for storing items that need easy access, especially items you often need within the area.

2. Create a Reading Nook

Thankfully, you don’t have to be an actual bookworm to have a reading nook. A reading corner or nook is a cozy spot where you or your loved ones can lie down, practically in any position, to read. If you happen to be a bibliophile – someone who likes collecting books – and have gathered quite a number over the years, this option might be for you!

Go for a fuzzy rug and a bookshelf that blends well with the textures and color scheme of the surrounding furniture. Choose a warm lamp or install some studio lights that are bright enough to gently cover the reading nook. You may put a breakfast-in-bed table nearby or a coffee table and coasters for beverages like your tea or coffee. Last but not least, don’t forget to place your book collection! Having a nook does not only give you a conducive space for reading–it can also make any bare corner more aesthetic.

3. Keep Things Lively With a House Plant

Having a houseplant is probably one of the most cliche solutions to filling any empty corner in the household. However, it’s among the best choices because since it’s a living thing, it does a great job at adding a touch of life to any space. 

You can make do with an artificial plant, but why settle for plastic when live plants can double as natural air purifiers. Besides, there is a wide array of options for low-maintenance plants that won’t need much of your attention! Such plants include calatheas, pothos, rubber trees, snake plants, and fiddle-leaf fig trees just to name a few.

Just be sure to get a catch plate so you don’t make a mess when watering. And if you don’t have grow lights for plants (any strong white LED light will suffice), it would be best to keep the plant by a corner with bright indirect sunlight. Whichever plant you choose, remember to use pots or plant baskets that complement the color and style of the area.

4. Put Up a Mini-Bar

For some people – probably like you – one can just never have enough spots in the house to get a refreshing drink! That is why it is a no-brainer decision to put a mini-bar, especially if your place has the space for it. It is also ideal if the empty corner is close to a recreation room or the master’s bedroom. Yet, it is within a good distance from the kitchen.

It’s pretty much up to you which sort of drinks you’d like to store. If you’re the type who has a rich collection of wines, scotches, and whiskies, then a dry bar sounds like the best choice for you. Go for it if you have the time and resources to build one into the corner. Otherwise, there are dry bar cabinets that you can buy and easily pop into the bare space. You can add in a bar fridge for chilled drinks! If you want you and your friends to have a complete experience, you can even include a high table and elegant chairs. It would make an extra fun spot in your home that you and your friends will love!

5. Throw a Vanity Corner With Lifesize Mirrors

Last but not least, what better way is there to adorn a blank spot in your home than with a reflection of yourself! A vanity corner graced with lifesize mirrors will be a great way to appreciate how you look. 

Passing by the corner would make you see yourself more frequently. Thus, it can remind you if ever your day calls for a retouch or a quick hair fix before heading out. If you feel like you need it, this could also help you stay conscious of your figure.


Your home is your safe space. You have the power and the choice however you’d like to decorate and transform its dull spaces into better ones! That being said, thanks for reading ‘til the end. And we hope you’ve gathered great ideas to maximize areas in your home for revamping. Make sure to check out Storables.com for more inspiration and quick tips in choosing the best storage ideas and furniture for your home!


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