5 Major Questions To Ask A Doctor Following A Car Accident


When you are faced with a car accident, the situation can become stressful and full of complexities. This is especially true when you have been injured in a wreck. Knowing the questions to ask the doctor is essential.

Questions You Need To Ask Your Doctor After A Car Accident

FIve questions that you should ask your doctor, after being in a car accident, are as follows.

1. What Is The Severity Of My Injuries?

You must ask your doctor how severe your injuries are. For example, is the damage mild, moderate, or life threatening? A car accident doctor in Miami Gardens can guide you with all of the details and care related to your injuries. They will also document your injuries for insurance and legal purposes. It is important to follow the doctor’s care instructions to recover fully.

2. How Long Will It Take To Heal?

You must ask your doctor how much time it will require for your injuries to fully heal. Most superficial injuries heal within days or weeks, but broken bones or ligament tears may take months or years to heal. Therefore, the duration of the recovery process may take a considerable amount of time. It may also require you to avoid bodily stressors and/or work, which we will cover next.

3. Should I Stop My Work Until It Recovers?

You must ask your doctor if you are able to continue with your job or if you’ll need time off. Depending on your job, you may be able to do modified work or you may have to stay off of work completely, especially in jobs that are manual labor. Though you may want to return to work, sometimes taking complete bed rest is what your body needs so you can recover from your injury more quickly.

4. What Types Of Medications Should I Take?

Steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs are common medications following a car accident. You can ask your doctor what types of medications he recommends you do or do not take. Also be sure to note whether the medication will limit your ability to perform your work. For example, some medications require that you avoid operating heavy machinery.

5. Can I Take Over The Counter (OTC) Medicine?  

Depending on what injuries you incurred, you may be okay with simply taking over the counter medicines, like ibuprofen or tylenol. However, sometimes these medications may have adverse reactions to medications that the doctor is prescribing. Be sure that you are clear with the doctor on what medicines you might want to take and whether that will cause any interaction with another medication.

Final Words

These are some of the crucial questions that you must ask your doctor when you are involved in a car accident incident. If you want to have the best chance at recovering quickly, you must ask your doctor these questions. The more questions you ask, the more you’ll be aligned with your doctor and the steps that will need to be taken for a full recovery.


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