5 Most Important Job Positions In Product Management

The process of bringing a product to market is called product management. The complete process is covered from concept development through product launch and post-launch assistance. The initial stage in product management is idea generation. It is the process of locating fresh product concepts that will satisfy the target market’s demands. The market study, client feedback, and competition analysis may all be used to achieve this. 

Certain essential job positions, including product manager, can be considered if you are looking forward to a career change concerning the requirements product management holds. In this article, we have gathered the top five essential job positions in product management. Read further to know more about the same!

Five Important Job Positions In Product Management 

You can try different positions if you are considering starting a career in product management. However, no matter what major you graduate or specialise in, you must complete product management courses in India to outshine different candidates. You can find these courses online easily with popular platforms like Emeritus. 

  • Chief Product Officer (CPO)

On the top line, the Chief Product Officer plays a prominent role in product management. The CPO position oversees the business’s product development and management efforts. The marketing plan and objectives are developed in collaboration with the CEO. They are also in charge of go-to-market plans, new business opportunity identification, and product positioning and messaging. Along with the engineering and design teams, the CPO collaborates closely with them to guarantee that the products are effectively produced and marketed. CPO reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

  • VP Product Management

Project management and product management are combined in the VP Product Management position. The position is in charge of creating and carrying out a product roadmap, strategy, and business case for a particular product. Furthermore, the function is in charge of overseeing the interaction with specific technical teams and the lifetime of the product. The product’s user experience is the vice president of product management’s responsibility. 

The VP of Product Management will collaborate with several departments within the company to ensure the product’s success on the market. The management of commercial relationships with various technological and business stakeholders falls under the purview of the vice president of product management. Additionally, the position will serve as a mentor and leader for more inexperienced Product Managers.

  • Director of Product Management

The company’s product strategy will be developed and implemented by the director of product management. They will work with cross-functional teams to launch products and spur expansion. A group of product managers will be under the direction of the director of product management.

  • Product Manager

A product manager will be responsible for a product’s strategy, plan, and implementation. To ensure that the product satisfies the consumer’s demands, you will work with various stakeholders. Being the customer’s advocate and ensuring the product satisfies their demands fall within your purview as the product manager.

  • Product Engineer

Product engineers are in charge of the creation and design of products. They collaborate with other engineers and team members to develop products that satisfy customers’ requirements. Product engineers may also do testing and product debugging. 


You can explore different job roles in product management if you have fulfilled the requirements. Some of the best job roles are described above. Even if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria for the job roles, you can make yourself eligible – enrol yourself in one of the product management courses in India.

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