5 PC Hacks to Make your Life Easier

Computers have become a part of our life. A great number of people are using PC every single day either for work or for pleasure. Some people are ordinary users of PC who are using the device to have a rest by watching sports matches, making bets in parimatch or simply playing games. However, there are professional users of computers who are constantly using PC for work, for instance. That is why it is important to them that their computer works fast without any problems. In fact, it is quite irritating when the PC works slowly and it takes ages to perform the desired action. So, there are certain hacks which will be helpful for all the users of PC and make their lives much easier.

Use external cards to increase the storage

One of the most widespread problems which most users of PC encounter is lack of storage on their devices. Actually, storage is the most important criterion which should be considered when buying a new PC or laptop. The price is heavily dependent on the computer memory and devices with larger storage may be relatively expensive. So, in order not to spend a fortune on buying a new PC, it is recommended to purchase a computer with smaller storage and put in an external card with additional storage.

This is an extremely convenient and economical method of increasing storage as these cards do not require much space. They are portable and may be inserted and removed easily at any time. The amount of additional storage may be selected according to individual demands and preferences. It could be 256 or 512GB depending on what the user is going to upload to the card and how much storage it will take.

Turn on power-saving mode

A lot of users suffer from the problem of quickly dying battery and want to extend the usage of their device. In such case, it is important to check battery functions on a PC and turn on a special power-saving mode. It will preserve the energy and allow to use the compute much longer.

Remove the redundant applications that appear during the startup

A considerable number of users get angry when they see a lot of open windows in front of them which pop up every time, they turn on their PC. However, it is a problem that may be solved easily by disabling the programs in the startup settings. All that is needed is to look through the list of applications that are enabled to open during startup.

Create backup copies of the significant data

The loss of valuable information on the computer is one of the greatest problems. A lot of users keep crucial data on their devices. However, sometimes it happens that a laptop simply dies and cannot be repaired which may cause great inconveniences. That is why it is recommended to create copies of the important files on the pen drives or on special platforms that offer cloud storage among which there are iCloud and Dropbox. Each person may use a particular amount of free storage there. Therefore, anyone can try to back up their data on such servers and if they like, they may buy additional gigabytes of cloud storage and feel safe about valuable information.

Navigate between open windows

There is a way that can increase the productivity of the user who is working on the PC. The combination of the alt and tab will make life easier and allow the user to move through all the windows quickly.

Thus, these hacks will definitely help those people who use PC every day to save time and make their experience more pleasant.


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