5 Reasons Why Bike Insurance is a Must

Bike insurance, also known as two-wheeler coverage, is a policy that protects you against damage to your two-wheeler caused by accidents, natural/man-made disasters, fire, and robbery. The coverage also covers third-birthday celebration arrears linked to riding, such as damage to another person’s car/assets or injuries/death of a third-party. There is coverage for motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, and other two-wheelers.

Reasons to choose a motorcycle insurance policy:

  • As mandated by law it is unlawful to ride a two-wheeler on Indian highways without valid two-wheeler insurance. If you do this, you may face punishment or perhaps imprisonment from the authorities. Every motor vehicle owner is required by law to get at the very least Third-birthday celebration Bike Insurance, according to the Motor Vehicles Act. It only covers third-party obligations, not damages or losses to your two-wheeler.
  • Offers financial security: Chaotic streets with motor vehicles moving in all directions are widespread in India. Similar scenarios increase the legal culpability of a mishap, resulting in automobile damage and death. Comparable scenarios are most likely financially risky. However, if you have motorcycle/scooter coverage (Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy), the insurer will pay the most of the shape charges and will also give medical support in the event of serious injuries (when you have offered the PA cover).
  • Robbery/loss coverage: Vehicle robbery is one of the most serious concerns of a two-wheeler owner. In such cases, you are unsure whether you will be able to find the misplaced car. However, if the government is unable to find your vehicle, you will suffer severe financial consequences. Still, if you have motorcycle/scooter coverage (Comprehensive Two- Wheeler Insurance Policy), you will be compensated if the stolen vehicle is not recovered.
  • Defence against natural blunders: You may control outcomes in the same way that you force your automobile down the road, but natural blunders are purposeful. They have the potential to cause significant damage to your two-wheeler. Flooding, for example, may be detrimental to the motorcycle’s components. A Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan is provided in the same circumstances as it covers automobile damage.
  • Why Specific Accident Insurance: Insurance coverage in your two-wheeler is insufficient because the risks of being injured in an accident are rather significant. This is why PA coverage is required in India. It safeguards you from irreversible injuries and death as a result of riding your motorbike or scooter. Nonetheless, it should be noted that it is not covered by the motorbike insurance. It should be provided in conjunction with motorbike coverage.
  • Coverage for third-party legal liability: Third-party celebration coverage safeguards you against any financial or criminal consequences resulting from situations involving damage to a third-party car/assets or injuries/death to/of a third party. Bike Insurance manages financial repayment and felony litigation in the event that your automobile causes harm/loss to a third-party asset/life.

These were the various benefits associated with bike insurance. It is very important to opt for it because one may face any kind of problem and have to regret their decision. Many people opt for this type of insurance because of the easy claim settlement and the easy process involved in it.


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