5 Reasons Why Business Travellers Choose Serviced Apartments

With international travel getting cheaper, it is no surprise serviced apartments have gained the reputation of a rising trend in the hospitality industry. As the industry saw a boom especially among corporates and short-term travellers, a growing number of brands world-wide have caught on. As of 2021, this is no longer just a trend. Dubai as a leading tourist-centric region in the world, has been among many to foresee this growing trend in action. There are numerous reasons why this is the preferred choice of stay for many in the corporate industry.

  • Comfort

There is something about having access to 24/7 concierge, housekeeping and all you need appliances within moments – that an apartment just can’t beat. Unlike hotels however, guests not only get to feel at home but also have access to the same services for peak comfort.

  • Flexibility

One of the biggest turning points for serviced apartments, is perhaps their flexibility. For those who are always on the move, it is essential to have the luxury of flexibility – which serviced apartments undoubtedly present.

  • Cost-effective

As a matter of fact, Serviced Apartments have fewer add-on charges when compared to traditional hotels. For starters, serviced apartments come with a fully-equipped kitchen, so that guests can cater for themselves. This helps eliminate unnecessary marked-up bills be it, from room service or on-site restaurants.

  • Convenience

Staying in a serviced apartment is an altogether customized experience. Having access to a 24/7 concierge team for assistance, as well as a fully trained management team, enables you to easily to reach out for additional or special requests for your stay.

  • Locale & In-house facilities

One of the most attractive features of Serviced Apartments is the access to the same amenities as hotels. Often entities in the hospitality industry, have high standards of maintenance of wellness facilities – and provide a wide array of options such as a well-equipped fitness centre, Spa facilities, swimming pools and more.

If you’re a business traveller serviced apartments or definitely the way to go. Although it is important to take note, that how your experience goes can also depend entirely on your choice of stay. For this reason, many corporations such as – Serviced Apartments a Dubai-based global marketplace have formed an extensive collection of premium and bespoke service apartments in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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