5 Small Hacks to Transform Your Home

Your home should be your safe haven, the place you go to when you’re tired, need comforting or simply some time to relax. But it is also a place that reflects your personality, your likes and dislikes and your unique tastes. To transform your home into exactly such a space, there are some simple things you can do that don’t need you to break the bank. It could be something as simple as adding some wall art, changing an accent wall or even adding indoor plants. So, let’s get into it. Here are 5 easy ways to transform your home while saving time, effort, and money.

1. Colours

Small changes

Small elements, such as fixtures, can be easily customised to make your house seem more like a home. You can replace the cabinet knobs to colourful ones or dip the legs of your chair in bright paint. Adding such unique features in unlikely ways can create an impact on both you and your visitors.

Glamour Your Manor

Paint the main door with a vibrant colour to make a good first impression. The colour of your entry doors, whether subtle or dramatic, could add a lot of individuality to your home. Installing stylish new switch panels can lighten your spirits every time you enter the area. To get the same effect, you could also paint delicate art around all your light switches and power outlets.

2. Furniture

Rearrange or Change

Rearranging furniture is one of the simplest ways to transform your home without spending any money. Bring in more chairs from other rooms to create a conversational setting. Most pieces of furniture can be transformed simply by repainting them or redoing the upholstery. Paint your shelves in the colour of your accent wall to ensure that everything matches.

Add Some Sheen

Coated finishes are excellent for preserving the natural, organic characteristics of rustic furniture. This makes your home more artistically appealing and creates a harmonious look. When you choose an enamel that is formulated with specially modified PU alkyd-based resins, your furniture gets a durable finish with superior gloss and high gloss retention. To modernise furniture and make your home look extra luxurious, use enamels that are anti rust, anti yellowing and ensure superior clean colors. You can opt for Berger’s Luxol High Gloss Enamel for this purpose.

3.  Mirrors

Brighten Your Entryways

Mirrors are another simple and elegant method to make any space feel more spacious, lively, and inviting. Leave a lasting impression by enhancing the entryways with a large wall mirror. This not only looks gorgeous, but also instantly brightens the space.

Choose Different Styles

Oversized mirrors can be simply leaning against a wall or resting on a mantelpiece for a simple and elegant finishing touch. There’s a great deal of fun to be had with unusually shaped mirrors that can be used as photographs or artworks. If you want to give the space a vintage vibe, add antique or painted glass in panels for a more decorative look.

4. Plants

Oxygenate Your Corridors

Plants add a gorgeous splash of green to any design scheme and are excellent at re-oxygenating your home. Plants in the corridors provide life to your home and will also make it more appealing to visitors. You don’t need a lot of space or a huge garden to experience nature. Showcase a combination of metallic holders for a trendy style and geometric pots for a modern look. Transform a bookcase into an eye-catching display by combining indoor plants with books, knickknacks, and artifacts.

Hassle-Free Options

There are some robust home plants that are easy to handle and will repay your efforts with sustained and continuous growth. Desert plants, such as cacti and succulents, need minimal water and sunlight, making them simple to care for. Because of their linear forms, these houseplants also look good indoors. If you lack the patience to care for plants of any type, there are ways to embrace green indoors without having any of them. Place artificial plants indoors to create a natural look by complimenting them with a few live plants.

5.  Floors

Paint for a Change

On bare floors, the echo of footsteps is difficult to absorb, making the spaces appear smaller than they are. You can easily convert floorboards with a fresh coat of paint if you don’t want to change your entire floor. Plain white floorboards can instantly brighten up a room. If they appear a little dull, add more colours to create a look that is uniquely yours. To improve the appearance of concrete floors, both indoors and outdoors, apply a two-component epoxy coating.

Decorate with Rugs

The cosiness that comes from having fabrics in a home makes it feel more lived-in. Warmer colours in the winter and lighter colours in the summer can lift the spirits. There are also brilliant washable carpets that are ideal for children’s bedrooms. A unique area rug could add elegance to your flooring. You could use a variety of patterns and colours to emphasise the personality of your home. The combinations of designs, colours, fabric textures, and so on are endless.

Enjoy transforming your home? Create a red coloured feature wall with a special finish for a high-energy look or choose lavender to give a royal touch. Berger’s interior paint colour catalogue shows combinations suggested by experts.


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