5 Solar Options for your Business

Grow your business’s green reputation with renewables

Solar power is not just an expensive option for the big end of town; it is an important consideration for all businesses. It doesn’t matter what size your business is, it should be considering what impact it is having on the environment and how to limit that impact. Coupled with this, how does your business communicate it’s environmental commitment. Large corporations are always hitting the media with their press releases about the environment and gaining significant exposure from it. As a smaller business it is important to realise that you can also make a difference to the environment – at a price you can afford.

Take a look at 5 options we have come up with to make a green impact, even if you are not a massive corporation.

1.      Roof top Solar

Invest in rooftop solar for your premises. Rooftop solar is affordable, requires very little effort on your part and makes a massive difference to your power bills. As your solar panels generate energy from the sun, that power is fed back to the local electricity grid, offsetting your power bills. Often solar companies will install solar panels for no capital outlay, you simply pay it off over time through an agreed purchase price for the power that you generate – simple!

2.       Solar Shade Structures and Car Parks

Solar panels are not just for rooftops, car parks and shade structures can also be covered in solar panels and used to generate electricity. Companies such as PV Structures are experts in creating solar panel structures that fit virtually any commercial space. These solar shade car parks and outdoor spaces can be configured with a rooftop solar system or can be standalone. Either way, they have a huge impact on your power bills in the same way that rooftop solar does. Solar car parks can also be financed in the same way as rooftop solar, making it a very low risk proposition – especially if you have the space.

3.      Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are not just for homes. They can be used very effectively for commercial spaces as well. Batteries can store the energy generated during the day so that it can be used by your business at nights or fed back to the grid when electricity prices are higher. Many businesses use solar batteries combined with rooftop and carpark solar panels to actually make additional money for their business.

4.      Be energy efficient

Solar energy is a wonderful resource, but it still should be used sparingly. Invest in making your premises and business energy efficient and you will see how much further that solar power can go.

5.      Purchase smart renewable electricity

If you are not in a position to make changes to the building that your business uses, you can still make a difference to the environment by choosing electricity that is generated in a renewable fashion. Renewables are an option that most power companies provide, the cost may be a little higher but if you can afford the investment, it really does make a difference.

Almost any business can use solar power and other forms of renewable energy. A little creativity, some commitment to the environment and a chat with your solar provider or power company and you can be on the way to making a difference. Who knows, you could end up making significant savings in the process.


Scott Fitzpatrick

CEO PV Structures and Shade & Membrane Structures Australia

Author Bio

Scott Fitzpatrick has been involved in the design, construction and installation of solar shade structures and solar car parks for the past 5 years. He has a passion for technology, innovation and business.


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