5 Tips for Creating an Acting Resume

Are you an actor looking for your next big role? Landing your perfect part takes a resume that will get you noticed. Marketing yourself is key in the acting world. We received advice from actor, Damon Wayans Jr, on how to create a head-turning resume.

Professional Headshot

Making a good first impression is key. If you’re headshot appears amateur, you most likely won’t land the role you’re looking for. Having your headshot done professionally is a wise investment if you are looking to be noticed by top directors and talent agencies. It’s also important to speak with a local agency in the area you are seeking roles in to determine what is most sought after in the area related to if your photo should be in color or black and white.

Creating Your Resume 

Next, you’ll want to gather information for your resume. While you are collecting this information and placing it into the proper area of the resume you’ll want to make sure you are focused on delivering an acting resume as there is a large difference compared to a business type resume. In the beginning of your resume you will want to note your professional name which may be your real name or stage name. Your contact information and any union affiliations should also be noted at the beginning of your resume so it is easy to find and accurate.


This will most likely be the bulk of your resume. You will want to list this in chronological order from most recent to older roles. However, if you played significant roles, you will want to opt for listing them in order from most relevant to least relevant. If you are new to the acting world, you may not have much or any experience to note. This is where the next feature of your resume comes into play.


Regardless of whether or not you have significant acting experience you will want to list any professional training you may have taken. If you have not played a role that requires a certain talent but have gone through training for, the hiring agency or director will consider your training credentials. 


In the world of acting, any and all skills are valued. Within your resume you should list all of your skills that you offer. This may include dancing, having the ability to lose weight quickly for a certain role, or unique talents that set you apart from other actors.

Utilizing these tips within your acting resume will ensure that all of your qualities and experiences are highlighted. Remember to keep your resume professional and display competence for stronger consideration for your next role.


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