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5 Tips for Finding a Good Rental in Texas

Renting in Texas is a great way to save money and find a spacious apartment that has everything you need. You might also choose to share an apartment and save further by using a roommate finder in Houston like Diggz.  If you’re curious about living here but aren’t sure where to start, these are five tips to help make your search easier.

Avoiding Apartment Hunting In The Summer

If you’re moving here in the summer, this is unavoidable, but avoid looking for apartments in the summer if you have a choice.  Not only are apartments in Houston harder to get your hands on because of the high competition, but prices can be higher than they would have been otherwise.

In summer, college kids are looking to move close to school, and families are moving to avoid disrupting their children’s school year.  If you can avoid it, try to.

Pay Attention to Deals and Specials

The deals and specials that pop up every year come most heavily at the end of summer and in the middle of winter.  This is because these are the heaviest and slowest times of the year for rental companies, and they want to maximize them.  

In the winter, seek out complexes that offer specials like your first month free or a discount on rent for your first year living there.  Although not all complexes provide these, it’s a great bonus that can make moving into a new place far easier.

Look for Central Heating and Cooling

Texas is a hot, and sometimes muggy, state.  While living here, you’ll quickly realize why it’s so important to have central cooling as part of your lease.  Not only to keep you comfortable but to keep your loved ones and possessions safe from the heat.

Many don’t realize that there’s a growing need for people to be aware of the cold.  Winter has been dropping temperatures lower than ever, and with 2021’s polar vortex in February, some are becoming wary of apartments that don’t have central heating.  Look for a combination of both, and don’t be afraid to turn down an apartment that doesn’t offer it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Better Deals

Many people think that the only way to get an apartment is to accept all the terms they lay out when you approach them: but you also hold power here.  It’s okay to approach an apartment complex and ask for or offer a lower rate so you can get what you need.  In addition to these challenges, rental processes may be made more affordable, simple, secure, and transparent using Rentberry. So if you have a good rental history, a high income, and the confidence to do it: ask for a better monthly rate.

Research the Area Before Signing

If you love eating out or want to live in an area where your kids can easily get to college: it’s a good idea to research before you start finding places to live.  Knowing the site is safe and comfortable for your whole family is important, and you should also be looking for the local amenities that you all enjoy.  Although it can be worth driving further to get to the gym or a tasty restaurant for a low enough price, you should research the right areas before starting a lease.

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