5 Tips To Achieve A Clutter-Free Home

Clutter spoils relaxation and comfort inside the home. Clothes, toys, newspaper, and papers are just some examples of usual clutter you find at home. They usually pile up, cause safety hazards, and attract pests, affecting your family’s health and safety.  

So you want to have a clutter-free home to fully enjoy and benefit from a clean, beautiful, and fresh-smelling home every time. To give you some ideas, check out these helpful tips to achieve a clutter-free home today:

  • Dispose Clutter Immediately

When you tend to wait for the garbage collector to pick up your trash, the tendency is you also wait to pick up your clutter and dispose them in the trash bins. The result is your clutter piling up everywhere in your house, which isn’t good for health and safety. Here’s why you shouldn’t delay garbage removal:

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  • Avoid pest infestation inside and outside your premises. 
  • Keep safety hazards away such as old toys and small objects that can cause trips and slips. 
  • You’ll have peace of mind that your home is a safe and healthy place to live in with your family. 
  • Save time and effort storing and organizing things inside and outside the home.  

It’s best to dispose trash early by hiring a waste removal company that can pick up your garbage the same day. You can use this link to find out more about same-day rubbish removal services. 

  • Remind Everyone Every Day 

Remind your family members about picking up their own clutter every day. People are often too busy with school and work that they miss setting up a time to clean up their mess. More often than not, people just need someone to remind them to clean up and organize. You don’t have to flip your entire house, but everyday cleaning will help you save time and effort in weekend general cleaning, allowing you to spend more quality time with one another.

Here are some small ways to remind your family members to clean up and organize:

  • Set a clean as you go (CLAYGO) sign on the main areas of the house.  
  • Gather your children and remind them about their cleaning schedules and assignments. 
  • Set an alarm on weekends to remind family members of their cleaning duties. 


  • Set Storage Containers And Trash Bins 

While you probably hire cleaning services to do general cleaning on the weekend, it’s still important to teach cleaning discipline inside the house.


Place storage containers and trash bins in certain locations of the house where clutter usually piles up such as the kitchen, bedrooms, and entertainment rooms. Children, teenagers, and older adults tend to get lazy throwing trash away because of the distance and effort required to go to the trash area. By setting storage and trash bins in strategic places around your house, each of your family members can easily pick and dispose their own trash.

  • Donate Or Sell Unwanted Items  

You can sell or donate to charity the unused items you have at home and earn a quick buck at the same time. One example of items you can give away include old clothes to help victims of calamities and other disasters.

Here are some tips when donating or selling stuff you don’t use at home anymore:

  • Wash or clean them before donating to remove dirt and other contaminants. You can disinfect items too to ensure they’re free from harmful viruses and bacteria.  
  • Place them in clean plastic bags, cartons, or storage containers so they stay presentable and smelling good.
  • Avoid donating or selling items beyond their end-of-life use such as appliances and furniture. However, you can bring them to repair shops and scrap them for parts or sell them for a few bucks. 
  • When selling your old stuff online, make sure to list the condition of the item and include many photos to avoid receiving complaints from the buyers.


  • Recycle, Reuse, Or Exchange 

You can always recycle items you don’t use anymore such as measuring cups, old cookware, and tires into planters. Recycling and reusing can help reduce the amount of trash going in landfills and incinerators.

For unused cables, old keyboards, computer monitors, cell phones, and other consumer electronics, you can send or bring them to a recycling center intended for this type of waste. Never throw away your electronic waste in trash bins because they contain toxic heavy metals that can be harmful to your family’s health and the environment. Take advantage of exchange programs wherein you can exchange your old devices to a new one at discounted rates.


A clutter-free home means removing unused items on the floor and anywhere inside or outside whenever you can. Everyday cleaning and organizing can help you avoid dealing with major household chores later on. In summary, the key to having a clutter-free home is discipline.

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